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Manual Reference Pages  -  AWESOME2 (1)

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awesome2 - awesome2 window manager



awesome2 [ -v | --version ] [ -h | --help ] [ -k | --check ] [ -s | --sync ] [ --config | -c configuration file ]


awesome2 is a window manager for X. It manages windows in different layouts, like floating or tiled. Either layout can be applied dynamically, optimizing the environment for the application in use and the task performed.

In tiled layout windows are managed in a master and stacking area. The master area contains the windows which currently need most attention, whereas the stacking area contains all other windows. In floating layout windows can be resized and moved freely. Dialog windows are always managed floating, regardless of the layout applied. The spiral and dwindle layout are special cases of the tiled layout where the stacking area is arranged in a spiral for the former or as a rectangular fractal for the later.

Windows are grouped by tags. Each window can be tagged with one or multiple tags. Selecting certain tags displays all windows with these tags.

awesome2 contains a small status bar which displays all available tags, the layout, the title of the focused window, and a status text. A floating window is indicated with an empty circle and a maximized floating window is indicated with a circle square before the windows title. The selected tags are indicated with a different color. The tags of the focused window are indicated with a filled square in the top left corner. The tags which are applied to one or more windows are indicated with an empty square in the top left corner. awesome2 can draw a small border around windows to indicate the focus state.


-v | --version

Print version information to standard output, then exit.

-h | --help

Print help information, then exit.

--config | -c

Use an alternate configuration file instead of $HOME/.awesome2rc.

--check | -k

Check configuration file syntax.

--sync | -s

Enable X11 synchronization mode. All X11 calls will be synchronized, so you can break on exit to retrieve a backtrace of X errors.


Button1 on tag name

View tag.

Mod4 + Button1 on tag name

Tag current client with this tag.

Button3 on tag name

Add this tag to current view.

Mod4 + Button3 on tag name

Toggle this tag for client.

Button4, Button5 on tag name

Switch to previous or next tag.

Button1, Button3, Button4, Button5 on layout symbol

Switch to previous or next layout.

Button4, Button5 on root window

Switch to previous or next tag.

Mod4 + Button1 on client window

Move window.

Mod4 + Button2 on client window

Zoom window.

Mod4 + Button3 on client window

Resize window.


Mod4 + F1

Spawn awesome2-menu to read manual pages.

Mod4 + F2

Spawn awesome2-menu to execute a program.

Mod4 + F3

Spawn awesome2-menu to ssh to an host.

Mod4 + Return

Spawn terminal emulator.

Mod4 + space

Switch to next layout.

Mod4 \+ Shift \+ space

Switch to previous layout.

Mod4 + b

Toggle statusbar.

Mod4 + j

Focus next client.

Mod4 + k

Focus previous client.

Mod4 \+ Shift \+ j

Switch client with next client.

Mod4 \+ Shift \+ k

Switch client with previous client.

Mod4 \+ Control \+ j

Focus next screen.

Mod4 \+ Control \+ k

Focus previous screen.

Mod4 + h

Decrease master width factor by 5%.

Mod4 + l

Increase master width factor by 5%.

Mod4 \+ Shift \+ h

Increase number of master windows by 1.

Mod4 \+ Shift \+ l

Decrease number of master windows by 1.

Mod4 \+ Control \+ h

Increase number of columns for non-master windows by 1.

Mod4 \+ Control \+ l

Decrease number of columns for non-master windows by 1.

Mod4 + Escape

View previously selected tag.

Mod4 + Left

View previous tag.

Mod4 + Right

View next tag.

Mod4 + m

Set client maximized.

Mod4 \+ Control \+ Return

Zoom client.

Mod4 \+ Control \+ space

Set client floating.

Mod4 \+ Shift \+ c

Kill client.

Mod4 \+ Shift \+ q

Quit awesome2.

Mod4 \+ Control \+ r

Restart awesome2.

Mod4 + 0-9

Switch to tag 1-9, 0 for all.

Mod4 \+ Control \+ 0-9

Toggle tag view.

Mod4 \+ Shift \+ 0-9

Tag client with tag.

Mod4 \+ Shift \+ Control \+ 0-9

Toggle tag on client.


awesome2 is customized by creating a custom $HOME/.awesome2rc file.


awesome2rc(5) awesome2-menu(1) awesome2-client(1) awesome2-message(1)


Of course there\(cqs no bug in awesome2. But there may be unexpected behaviours.

Java applications which use the XToolkit/XAWT backend may draw grey windows only. The XToolkit/XAWT backend breaks ICCCM-compliance in recent JDK 1.5 and early JDK 1.6 versions, because it assumes a reparenting window manager. As a workaround you can use JDK 1.4 (which doesn\(cqt contain the XToolkit/XAWT backend) or you can set the following environment variable (to use the older Motif backend instead): AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit


Julien Danjou <\m[blue]\m[][1]>




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