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Manual Reference Pages  -  CHARMAP.PL (1)

.ds Aq ’

NAME - display a FIGfont with associated codes



<B>charmap.plB> [ <B>-d=B>fontdirectory ] [ <B>-f=B>fontfile ] [ <B>-helpB> ] [ <B>-w=B>outputwidth ]


Charmap doesn’t tell you anything you can’t find out by viewing a font in your favorite pager. However, it does have a few advantages.
o You don’t have to ignore hardspaces (though you could do this with tr)
o It displays more than one FIGchar per FIGline


<B>-dB>=fontdirectory Change the default font directory. FIGlet looks for fonts first in the default directory and then in the current directory. If the <B>-dB> option is not specified, FIGlet uses the directory that was specified when it was compiled. To find out which directory this is, use the <B>-I2B> option.
<B>-fB>=fontfile Select the font. The .flf suffix may be left off of fontfile, in which case FIGlet automatically appends it. FIGlet looks for the file first in the default font directory and then in the current directory, or, if fontfile was given as a full pathname, in the given directory. If the <B>-fB> option is not specified, FIGlet uses the font that was specified when it was compiled. To find out which font this is, use the <B>-I3B> option.
<B>-wB>=outputwidth These options control the outputwidth, or the screen width FIGlet assumes when formatting its output. FIGlet uses the outputwidth to determine when to break lines and how to center the output. Normally, FIGlet assumes 80 columns so that people with wide terminals won’t annoy the people they e-mail FIGlet output to. <B>-wB> sets the outputwidth to the given integer. An outputwidth of 1 is a special value that tells FIGlet to print each non- space character, in its entirety, on a separate line, no matter how wide it is. Another special outputwidth is -1, it means to not wrap.

ENVIRONMENT will make use of these environment variables if present
FIGFONT The default font to load. It should reside in the directory specified by FIGLIB.
FIGLIB The default location of fonts.


FIGlet home page

FIGlet font files, these can be found at


The Text::Wrap in perl 5.6 or earlier operate on bytes, consequently the display of characters greater than 0x100 end up wrapped across two rows.


figlet, Text::FIGlet


Jerrad Pierce <>|<>
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