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Manual Reference Pages  -  GCLOUD_SQL_INSTANCES_PATCH (1)


gcloud sql instances patch - updates the settings of a Cloud SQL instance



gcloud sql instances patch INSTANCE [--activation-policy ACTIVATION_POLICY] [--assign-ip] [--async] [--authorized-gae-apps APP,[APP,...] | --clear-gae-apps] [--authorized-networks NETWORK,[NETWORK,...] | --clear-authorized-networks] [--backup-start-time BACKUP_START_TIME | --no-backup] [--clear-database-flags | --database-flags FLAG=VALUE,[FLAG=VALUE,...]] [--diff] [--enable-bin-log] [--enable-database-replication] [--follow-gae-app FOLLOW_GAE_APP] [--gce-zone GCE_ZONE] [--pricing-plan PRICING_PLAN, -p PRICING_PLAN] [--replication REPLICATION] [--require-ssl] [--tier TIER, -t TIER] [GLOBAL-FLAG ...]


Updates the settings of a Cloud SQL instance.



Cloud SQL instance ID.


--activation-policy ACTIVATION_POLICY

The activation policy for this instance. This specifies when the instance should be activated and is applicable only when the instance state is RUNNABLE.

The instance must be assigned an IP address. Use --no-assign-ip to disable.

Do not wait for the operation to complete.

--authorized-gae-apps APP,[APP,...]
A list of App Engine app IDs that can access this instance.

--authorized-networks NETWORK,[NETWORK,...]
The list of external networks that are allowed to connect to the instance. Specified in CIDR notation, also known as ’slash’ notation (e.g.

--backup-start-time BACKUP_START_TIME
The start time of daily backups, specified in the 24 hour format - HH:MM, in the UTC timezone.

Clear the list of external networks that are allowed to connect to the instance.

Clear the database flags set on the instance. WARNING: Instance will be restarted.

Specified to clear the list of App Engine apps that can access this instance.

--database-flags FLAG=VALUE,[FLAG=VALUE,...]
A space-separated list of database flags to set on the instance. Use an equals sign to separate flag name and value. Flags without values, like skip_grant_tables, can be written out without a value after, e.g., skip_grant_tables=. Use on/off for booleans. View the Instance Resource API for allowed flags. (e.g., --database-flags max_allowed_packet=55555 skip_grant_tables= log_output=1)

Show what changed as a result of the update.

Enable binary log. If backup configuration is disabled, binary log should be disabled as well. Use --no-enable-bin-log to disable.

Enable database replication. Applicable only for read replica instance(s). WARNING: Instance will be restarted. Use --no-enable-database-replication to disable.

--follow-gae-app FOLLOW_GAE_APP
The App Engine app this instance should follow. It must be in the same region as the instance. WARNING: Instance may be restarted.

--gce-zone GCE_ZONE
The preferred Compute Engine zone (e.g. us-central1-a, us-central1-b, etc.). WARNING: Instance may be restarted.

Specified if daily backup should be disabled.

--pricing-plan PRICING_PLAN, -p PRICING_PLAN
The pricing plan for this instance.

--replication REPLICATION
The type of replication this instance uses.

mysqld should default to ’REQUIRE X509’ for users connecting over IP. Use --no-require-ssl to disable.

--tier TIER, -t TIER
The tier of service for this instance, for example D0, D1. WARNING: Instance will be restarted.


Run $ gcloud help for a description of flags available to all commands.

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