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Manual Reference Pages  -  GETAMI (1)


getami - display an RLE image on a Commodore Amiga and optionally save it as an IFF ILBM file.


Menu Operations


getami [ -w width ] [ -h height ] [ -o IFFfile ] [ -fdlb3H ] [ input_file ]


Getami displays an RLE(5) image on a Commodore Amiga. The program tries to display the image in the best possible way, using HAM mode and overscan when appropriate. Both NTSC and PAL Amigas are catered for. In addition, the program allows you to save the displayed picture in IFF format, using Christian Weber’s iff.library.


-w width
  Override the screen width computed by getami. Eg., use -w 640 if getami selects a screen resolution of 320x400 (because the picture will fit in it), but what you really want is 640x400.
-h height
  Override the screen height computed by getami.
Apart from the example mentioned above, these two options are probably obsolete.
-o file
  Make getami act as an RLE->IFF converter: after rendering the RLE file, getami saves the image in IFF form in the file specified, then exits.
-f Render the image flipped vertically. This option is necessary, because rleflip -v often requires more memory than available on the amiga.
-d This option causes getami to dump the color map it computes into file "cmap".
-l This option causes getami to ignore the color map it computes, and to replace it with the color map stored in file "cmap".
These two options must be used if you are using getami to create IFF files to be used as frames for an ANIM file, as all frames have to have the same color map.
-b Render the image in black and white. This allows you to display pictures at full resolution. (To display in color a 640x400 picture with more than 16 colors, you need to scale it down to 320x400, not to mention the unavoidable blurriness introduced by Hold And Modify.)
-3 Render the image in 4096 colors without using HAM. This is achieved by rendering the image in three screens, one for each of its r,g,b components, then flipping through them in rapid succession. Because of this rapid flipping, the image flickers. This is especially noticeable in conjunction with interlace. If you are sensitive to screen flicker, please do not use this option.
-H Force rendering of the image in HAM mode. Useful in rendering animation frames, if getami happens to render some of the frames in HAM mode and some in another mode.


You can select the following actions from the menu bar:
SAVE Save the rendered picture in an IFF ILBM file. The picture will be saved in a file with the extension ".ILBM". Eg., if you are rendering a.rle, the picture will be saved in a.ILBM. If the picture you are rendering comes from the standard input, you will be asked to specify the name of the IFF file. This action can also be invoked by pressing right Amiga-S.
  Same as SAVE, but you are always asked for the name of the IFF file. To cancel the save, simply give a null file name. This action can also be invoked by pressing right Amiga-A.
These two operations can only be invoked if you have Christian Weber’s iff.library in your LIBS: directory. If you save a picture which has been rendered with the -3 option, you will actually create three files, with extensions ".r", ".g", and ".b", respectively. You can view this image using the show3(1) program.
QUIT Exit the program. This action can also be invoked by pressing right Amiga-Q, or by clicking on the invisible gadget at the top left corner.


Eleftherios Koutsofios ( wrote the original version of this program, including the HAM rendering algorithm.

Kriton Kyrimis ( added support for intuition, overscan, saving files, the B&W and 4096 color display modes, and all the minor items selectable through switches.

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1 GETAMI (1) February, 1992

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