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Manual Reference Pages  -  HPT (1)


hpt - toss pkt files to squish/msg/jam bases and export messages




Toss pkt files from inbound
  hpt toss
Toss messages from badarea (force)
  hpt toss -b[f]
Scan echomail messages
  hpt scan
Scan echomail messages without HighWaters of position
  hpt scan -w
Scan echomail messages from alternative echotoss file
  hpt scan -f <echotoss.log>
(see info hpt for more details)
Scan echomail messages from areas matching <pattern>
  hpt scan -a <pattern>
Pack netmail messages
  hpt pack
Links echomail messages
  hpt link [areamask]
Process areafix
  hpt afix [<addr> command] hpt qupd - update queue file and do some areafix jobs hpt qrep - make report based on information from queue file hpt qrep -d - print info described above, but show only changes
Post a message to area
  hpt post [options] file

options are:

-nf "name from"
  message sender’s name, if not included post use sysop name (see fidoconfig)
-nt "name to"
  message receiver’s name, if not included post use "All"
-af "address from"
  message sender’s address, if not included post use first system address (see fidoconfig)
-at "address to"
  message receiver’s address, *MUST BE PRESENT*
-s "subject"
  subject line, if not included then assumed to be empty
-e "echo area"
  area to post echomail message into, if not included message is posted to netmail
-z "tearline"
  tearline, if not included then assumed to be empty line
-o "origin" origin, if not included then assumed to be name of station in config-file
-f flag(s) flags to set to the posted msg. possible ones are: pvt, crash, read, sent, att, fwd, orphan, k/s, loc, hld, xx2, frq, rrq, cpt, arq, urq; use it without trailing brackets like this: pvt loc k/s
-x export message to echo links
-d erase input file after posting
-u[size] uue-multipart posting
  size - number of lines per section(150 for default)
-h get help
file - text file to post into echo or "-" for stdin
Refresh area subscription
  hpt relink <addr>
Set pause for links who don’t poll our system
  hpt pause
Quiet mode (no screen output)
  hpt -q
Set config-file name, if needed
  hpt -c /path/to/config


Highly Portable Tosser is the way to toss your fidonet mail.


I suppose there are :). So, report me, if you found any. Every time you changed the config-file please run tparser to see if your config is valid...


1997-1999: Matthias Tichy, 2:2432/645 (
1999-2002: Max Levenkov, 2:5000/117 (
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--> HPT (1) Highly Portable Tosser (v1.1.0)

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