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Manual Reference Pages  -  OTPTOOL (1)


otptool - HOTP/OATH one-time password utility


Return Value
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.Bk -words [-fht] [-c counter] [-d #digits] [-i secs] [-m PIN] [-w num] key [password]


otptool is a utility for generating, verifying, and synchronizing one-time passwords created using the HOTP/OATH algorithm defined by RFC 4226.

The key is the token’s binary secret key and is specified as a hexadecimal string.

If no password is given, otptool generates the one-time password corresponding to the given key and target counter value and prints to standard output the counter followed by the decimal and hexadecimal one-time passwords. If password is given, then otptool verifies that password is the correct one-time password for the given key and counter value. If so, it outputs the counter value. password may be either the decimal or hexadecimal one-time password.

The target counter value is determined as follows: if the -t flag is given, use the current time in seconds since the UNIX epoch divided by the configured time interval (default 30 seconds); otherwise, if the -c flag is given, use the given counter; otherwise, use the value zero.

In both cases, a range of target counter values may be specified using the -w flag. When both -w and password are given, otptool will search the entire range for a matching counter value, starting with the target counter value and working away from it. This mode can be used to resynchronize an unsychronized counter.


-c Specify the starting target counter value for the one-time password generation or search. This flag is incompatible with the -t flag; if neither flag is given, the default value is zero.
-d Specify the required number of digits in the one-time password. Giving a password argument and specifying a different length here will result in no match being found (no search is performed). Otherwise, the default value is the length of password, if given, or else six if not.
-f Read the key from the file named key instead of parsing key as a hexadecimal string.
-h Print the usage message and exit successfully.
-i Specify the length of a single time interval in seconds. The default value is 30 seconds. This flag is ignored unless the -t flag is also given.
-m Use the Mobile-OTP algorithm with the given PIN instead of the HOTP/OATH algorithm. This flag imples -i 10 and -d 6. Normally you also want to specify -t .
-t Use the current time as the basis for the target counter value. This flag is incompatible with the -c flag.
-w Specify the width of a window of counter values within which to iterate when generating or searching for one-time passwords. When -t is used, the window extends the given distance both before and after the target counter value; otherwise, the window extends forward of the target counter value. When both password and -t are given, the search starts with the initial target counter and works away from it in both directions.


otptool exits with one of the following return values:
0 The one-time password(s) was/were successfully generated, or password correctly matched the password generated using (one of) the target counter value(s).
1 otptool was invoked with invalid command line flags or parameters.
2 The given password did not match any counter value(s) in the search window.
3 A system error occurred.


.Rs HOTP: An HMAC-Based One-Time Password Algorithm
.Rs mod_authn_otp: Apache module for one-time password authentication
.Rs Mobile-OTP: Mobile One Time Passwords


.An Archie L. Cobbs Aq
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