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Manual Reference Pages  -  RAGGLE (1)


raggle - Console RSS aggregator.



raggle [-aAhlvV] [--add [url]] [--ascii] [--default-config] [--diag] [--force] [--help] [--list] [--lock-title] [--purge] [--save-items] [--server [port]] [--sort] [--unlock-title] [--unsave-items] [--usage] [--verbose] [--version] [-c file] [--config file] [-d feed] [--delete feed] [-e feed] [--edit feed] [--export-opml file] [-f string] [--find-feeds string] [--import-opml file/uri] [-i feed] [--invalidate feed] [--max num] [-p priority] [--priority priority] [-r refresh_time] [--refresh refresh_time] [-t title] [--title title] [-u url] [--url url] [--U feed] [--update feed]


raggle is a curses-based RSS aggregator.

The following options are available:
-a [url] --add [url] Add a new feed. You can optionally specify url, otherwise it requires --url.
-A --ascii Use ASCII graphics for windows.
-c file --config file Use file as an alternate configuration file.
-d feed --delete feed Delete feed from the feed list.
--default-config Print out the default configuration of Raggle in a format suitable for your config.rb file.
--diag Print out full stack traces, and other diagnostic information intended for bug hunting.
-e feed --edit feed Edit feed’s information.
--export-opml file Export all feeds to file in OPML format.
-f string --find string Find a feed containing string (uses Syndic8).
--force Force an edit/addition to succeed even if it wants to do things that are generally unwise.
-h --help --usage Show usage information.
--import-opml file/uri Import feeds from an OPML format file or uri.
-i feed --invalidate feed Invalidate feed (force it to be refreshed). If -1 is given as feed then all feeds are updated.
-l --list List current feeds. Use -v or --verbose to display extra info.
--lock-title Lock the title of a feed (blocks updating of a feed’s title from data in the feed itself), used with --add or --edit.
--max num Set the maximum number of items in a feed to num. Automatically sets --save-items.
-p priority --priority priority Set the feed priority to priority. 0 is the default, higher values will sort a feed closer to the top.
--purge Purge deleted feeds from the feed cache.
-r refresh_time --refresh refresh_time Set a feed’s refresh time to refresh_time; used with --add or --edit.
--save-items Save all old items from a feed rather than replacing them with newly fetched ones; used with --add or --edit.
--server [port] Run Raggle in HTTP server mode, optionally specifying a port.
--sort Sort feed list by priority then by title, case-insensitive.
-t title --title title Set a feed’s title to title, used with --add or --edit.
--unlock-title Reverse the actions of --lock-title, causing it to be updated from the title stored in the RSS feed; used with --add or --edit.
--unsave-items Reverse the actions of --save-items, cause old items to be removed from the feed cache; used with --add or --edit.
-U feed --update feed Update the specified feed (or all for all feeds).
-u url --url url Set the URL from which to retrieve a feed to url, used with --add or --edit.
-v --verbose Turns on verbose output, displaying extra info on the command line.
-V --version Show raggle version.


F12, q Quit raggle
Right Arrow, Tab, l Move to the next window.
Left Arrow, h Move to the previous window.
Up Arrow, k Scroll up.
Down Arrow, j Scroll down.
End, $, G Scroll to bottom.
Home, 0, g Scroll to top.
PageUp Scroll up one page.
PageDown Scroll down one page.


Return, Space Select item.
o Open the current feed or item’s link in your browser.
1 through 9 Open a link from the current story in your browser. Link numbers are given at the bottom of the description window.
u Move item up.
d Move item down.
a Add a feed. Will add the currently selected feed after a search via f, otherwise you will be prompted for the address.
O Import or export an OPML copy of your feed list. If the given name is an existing file or a URI, it will be imported; otherwise, a new OPML file will be created with the given name.
e Edit the current feed’s options to your liking.
I Invalidate the current feed, causing a refresh.
Delete Delete feed or item.
y Undelete all items in the current feed.
/ Find an entry.
f Search for a feed via Syndic8.
p Select previous unread item.
n Select next unread item.
m Mark all items as read.
M Mark all items as unread.
N Mark current item as unread.
s Sort list.
r Lower the current feed’s sorting priority.
R Raise the current feed’s sorting priority.
c Select a feed category to view.
C Close the current window.


! Run a shell in the foreground (exit from it to get back to raggle)
? Show current key bindings.
\ View item source.
U Start a manual update of feeds.
S Start a manual save of feeds and configuration.
C-l Redraw the screen.


Add a feed called Bar updating every 2 hours.
$ raggle --add -t Bar --url --refresh 120

Add a feed called Baz that will sort to the top.
$ raggle -a -t Baz -u --priority 10

Change the refresh time of the Bar feed to update every hour.
$ raggle --edit 1 --refresh 60

Don’t update feed #1’s title from the RSS.
$ raggle -e 1 --lock-title

Keep old items associated with feed #16.
$ raggle -e 16 --save-items

Update feed #1’s title from the RSS info.
$ raggle -e 1 --unlock-title

Change the URL of feed #3.
$ raggle -e 3 -u

Export all feeds to foo.opml
$ raggle --export-opml foo.opml

Import all feeds from foo.opml, and set their refresh time to 90 minutes.
$ raggle --import-opml foo.opml -r 90

Import all feeds from foo.opml, and set their refresh time to 90 minutes.
$ raggle --import-opml foo.opml -r 90

Find feed matching the string halffull
$ raggle --find halffull


BROWSER Used to find a suitable web browser (see RAGGLE_BROWSER).
HOME Used to find the Raggle configuration directory.
http_proxy HTTP Proxy server, in the format "http://host:port/".
no_proxy Comma-delimited list of hosts and domains to connect directly to (only applicable if you’re using an HTTP proxy).
PATH Used to find a suitable web browser (see RAGGLE_BROWSER).
RAGGLE_BROWSER Path to the web browser Raggle should use when a feed item is opened. If RAGGLE_BROWSER isn’t set, Raggle checks BROWSER, then looks for common command-line browsers in PATH. Note: this behavior can be overridden by setting the ’browser’ config directive in your Raggle configuration file.
RAGGLE_WEB_DATA Used to find the web interface data files. If it’s not set, Raggle looks for a directory called web_ui in the configuration directory.
SHELL Shell to launch when invoking a sub-shell.
WINDOW Used to determine if Raggle is running in screen.


* Pressing Ctrl-C while adding a feed will cause Raggle to exit unexpectedly, not cancel.
* It’s possible that feeds.yaml will be mistakenly written as an Array rather than a FeedList for no apparent reason.
* Possibly more! Please report any you find to <>


raggle 0.1 was released on 23 Jun, 2003
raggle 0.2 was released on 17 Aug, 2003
raggle 0.3 was released on 20 Feb, 2004
raggle 0.4 was released on 15 Mar, 2005


Paul Duncan <>,
Richard Lowe <>,
Ville Aine <>,
Thomas Kirchner <>
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