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Manual Reference Pages  -  RODENT (1)


rodent, rodent-forked, rodent-desk, rodent-getpass, rodent-[plugin] - Advanced filemanager with graphic shell.


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Rodent is fast, multicore, small and powerful file manager for the GNU operating system (but it also works in BSD). Rodent is *not* a filemanager for dummies. Emphasis is on ease of use for the advanced user, not the computer illiterate.

rodent with no parameters will open the users home directory.
rodent-forked with no parameters will open the rodent top level where plugins are listed.
rodent-desk will open the deskview filemanager. The deskview can be set to a fixed directory, to the rodent top level where plugins are listed, or be navigatable (does that word exist?).

rodent-getpass will open a dialog to query for a password. This is called when sudo -A or ssh request a password, passphras or confirmation from the user.

rodent-[plugin] This will open the rodent at the specified [plugin]. Current included plugins include the following:

rodent-fstab Monitors and allows mount operations from partitions, usb devices and mount points listed in the fstab file.
rodent-ps Show current process tree and allow signalling of running or stopped processes
rodent-dotdesktop Processes application .desktop files, creating a pseudo file structure based on application categories. This plugin is also responsible form managing the application popup menu.
rodent-fuse This is a custom file system which contains several plugins to different types of network and user space filesystems. It is a straight forward alternative to gvfs. This plugin contains rodent-sshfs, rodent-ecryptfs, rodent-ftp, rodent-obex, rodent-nfs and rodent-cifs.

rodent-sshfs This plugin allows mount management and navigation of sftp filesystems.
rodent-ecryptfs This plugin allows mount management and navigation of ecryṕt filesystems.
rodent-ftp This plugin allows mount management and navigation of ftp filesystems. This method of remote file access is rather archaic. rodent-sshfs should be used instead, if available.
rodent-obex This plugin allows mount management and navigation of obex filesystems. This is what’s behind bluetooth filesystem connections. Bluetooth is pretty slow, but it works cool if you want to connect to your phone without taking it out of your pocket. Exchange of pins from computer to device on initial connection is a little nerdy.
rodent-nfs This plugin allows mount management and navigation of nfs filesystems. This is the most robust network filesystem around. It should be preferred for connection within secure networks.
rodent-cifs This plugin allows mount management and navigation of cifs filesystems. Cifs is replacement of smb filesystems, the network protocol used by Windows.

rodent-smb This plugin allows navigation of the smb network to find the adequate remote share to mount with rodent-cifs.
rodent-workgroup This plugin queries the master smb browser to display the available workgroups. This is a child plugin for rodent-smb.
rodent-shares This plugin shows the shares available on the selected remote smb server. This is a child plugin for rodent-workgroup.



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