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Manual Reference Pages  -  SAMESAME (1)


samesame - introduction to the samesame tools


Duplicate File Finders
Action Driven Tools


SameSame is a collection of tools that fall in to the category of file management software. These tools will prevent that you need to delete files or buy more disk space. Instead they solve low disk space problems by linking identical files together and thus free up waisted disk space.

This collection was inspired by the application samefile written by Jens Schweikhardt. The collection comes with its own version of samefile that is noticeable faster and is able to process a much larger file list.

This port containt two set of application: the first are duplicate files finder search for identical files and the second are duplicate file removers perform some kind of action based on those results.

Typical usage would be: find / | samefile -i | samelink

This would search for identical files and clean up wasted disk space by linking them together. If you prefer removing one of the identical file, then you should replace samelink with samerm. You can add the option -vn after both application for a verbose dry-run.

The tools two groups: duplicate file finders and action driven tools.


These tools read a list of filenames (one filename per line) from stdin and output the identical files on stdin. And report the identical files on the output.

samearchive reads a list of filenames (from stdin) and a list of directories (from the paramenters). And reports the identical files if, and only if, they have the same relative path.

samearchive-lite reads a partial list of filenames and directories (from the paramenters). And combines the partial list with the parameters to get a full list. And reports the identical files if, and only if, they have the same relative path.

samefile reads a list of filenames (from stdin) and reports the identical files. And reports a full list of identical files on the output.


These tools all read the samefile output (each line containing two files that are identical) that the duplicate file finders output and perform some action. The can be split in non-consumers and consumerss. The latter consumers the match lines when they succeed in perorming the actions. And the non-consumers don’t.

The non-consumers are:

samechflags change file flags

samechmod change file modes

samechown change file owner and group

The consumers are:

samelink frees up the waisted disk space by relinks one to the other.

samecp copies the first file of a pair of identical files to another location

samemv moves the first file of a pair of identical files to another location

samerm removes the last file of identical files to free disk space


samearchive-lite(1) samefile(1) samelink(1) find(1) ls(1)


Alex de Kruijff

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