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Manual Reference Pages  -  TRAYER (1)


trayer-srg - a lightweight GTK2-based systray for UNIX desktop




trayer [ OPTIONS ]


trayer is small program designed to provide systray functionality present in GNOME/KDE desktop enviroments for window managers which doesn’t support that function. It’s similar to other applications such as ’peksystray’ and ’docker’.
trayer code was extracted from fbpanel application, you can find more about it on it’s homepage:

You can find new versions of trayer and support on FVWM-Crystal project homepage:

trayer-srg was forked from trayer in january 2010 to add some fancy features and clean up code. It contains all changes from above versions as far as known. Code of trayer-srg can be found on github:


-h prints help message and exits
-v prints version and exits
--edge EDGE
  Use EDGE for orientation. Possible values for EDGE are left, right, top, bottom or none. The default value is bottom.
  Orientation of docked icons inside the trayer panel. Possible values are left, center, right, or none. The default value is center.
--margin NUM
  Length of margin in pixels. The default value is 0.
--distance NUM
  Space between trayer’s window and screen edge. When set to 0 the option has no effect. The default value is 0.
--distancefrom EDGE
  Specifies which edge to calculate distance from, see --edge. The default value is top.
When --distance is 0 then this option has no effect.
--widthtype TYPE
  Determine how width is calculated. Possible values for TYPE are pixel, percent, request or none. The default value is percent.
--width NUM
  Width of a panel. When --widthtype=request this option has no effect. The default value is 100.
--heighttype TYPE
  Determine how height is calculated. Possible values for TYPE are pixel, request or none.

The default value is pixel.

--height NUM
  Height of a panel. When --heigthtype=request this option has no effect. The default value is 26.
--SetDockTpe BOOL
  Identify panel window type as dock. The default value is true.
--SetPartialStrut BOOL
  Reserve panel’s space so that it will not be covered by maximazied windows. The default value is false.
--transparent BOOL
  Use transparency. Default value is false.
--tint NUM
  Color used to "tint" background wallpaper with. NUM is 32bit width hexadecimal number. The default value is 0xFFFFFFFF.
--alpha NUM
  Percentage of transparency. NUM should be a value between 0 and 256. The default value is 127.
--expand BOOL
  Specifies if trayer can accomodate extra space or not <true|false>. The default value is true.
--padding NUM
  Number of extra pixel space between trayer’s window frame and docked icons. The default value is 0.
--monitor NUM|STRING
  Define the monitor on which you like trayer to appear, number of zero to number of monitors minus one, or the string "primary" are valid. The default value is 0.


Place trayer to the top right edge of the screen and prevent other fullsize windows to overlay it:

trayer trayer --edge top --align right --SetDockType true --SetPartialStrut true --expand true --transparent true


Report bugs to the issue tracker:


Following people are or has been involved in development of trayer-srg:

Maciej Delmanowski <>
Anatoly fbpanel
Rafal Bisingier <> conversion of configuration using ~/.fbpanel/* files to commandline options
Grzegorz Niewęgłowski <> code extraction from fbpanel
Thomas Rydzynski added new option ’distance’
Keegan Carruthers-Smith <> fix align
Yury Akudovich added new option distancefrom option
Jens Peter Secher <> various (debian trayer fork)
Daniel Ehlers <> multi monitor support, code cleanup and current maintainer.
Stu Black help closing a problem with wrong values in _NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL
Michael Weber fix build problems, improvements cmdline parameter handling
Johannes Bittner primary switch for monitor selection
Vladimir Murzin <> fixing transparency startup problem
Corey Richardson <>


This man page is written by Daniel Ehlers.
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