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Manual Reference Pages  -  XED (1)


xed - a text editor for X


See Also


xed [ -toolkitoption ...] [ filename ] [ line-number ]


Xed accepts all of the standard X Toolkit command line options (see X(1)). The order of the command line options is not important.
filename Specifies the file that is to be loaded during start-up. This is the file which will be edited. If a file is not specified, xed lets you load a file or create a new file after it has started up. The filename ‘-’ means to read from standard input. When reading from stdin, xed will quit if it reaches end of file without reading anything from stdin.
  Specifies the current line number after start-up.


Xed provides a window consisting of the following three areas:
Menus Section A set of pull-down menus hopefully allowing you to do everything you want with the text file.
Filename Display Displays the name of the file currently being edited, and whether this file is Read - Write or Read Only.
Edit Window Displays the text of the file that you are editing or creating.


The Athena Text widget is used for the three sections of this application that allow text input. The characters typed will go to the Text widget that the pointer cursor is currently over. If the pointer cursor is not over a Text widget then the keypresses will have no effect on the application.


File Provides commands dealing with loading, saving and printing the text file and of course quitting xed. All fileselection are done by a fileselector popup. Warning popup messages will appear if the selected command is going to discard changes.
Edit Provides special editing commands for cutting, pasting, indenting and unindenting a selected textblock.
Jump Provides commands for jumping to a linenumber, textbeginning, textending, selection start and selection end.
Search Provides commands for searching and replaceing text. The activated popup allows you to search, replace once, replace in a query mode or to replace all. Although commands for finding the corresponding bracket to a selected bracket and for checking the bracket hierachy all over the text are available. Known brackets are "{,},[,],(,),/*,*/".
Special Provides some special commands for setting some edit options, calling the sed stream editor, displaying a helpfile and getting a copyright information.
Commands Provides a panel for performing Unix commands on the whole textfile or the current text selection. The result is diplayed in another xed window. Also commands can be predefined by the user (see commands RESOURCE).
Pipes Provides a panel for performing Unix commands on the whole textfile or the current text selection. The result replaces the current text selection. Also commands can be predefined by the user (see pipes RESOURCE).


For xed the available resources are:
enableBackups (Class EnableBackups)
  Specifies that, when edits made to an existing file are saved, xed is to copy the original version of that file to file<suffix> before it saves the changes. The default value for this resource is "off", stating that no backups should be created.
backupNameSuffix (Class BackupNameSuffix)
  Specifies a string that is to be appended to the backup filename. The default is to append the string ".BAK".
printCommand (Class PrintCommand)
  Specifies a command for printing the current file. An "%f" in the string is expanded to the filename which has to be printed (A copy of the current file in the tmp directory). "%t" is expanded to the real filename. The default command is "lpr -p -T %t %f".
autoIndent (Class AutoIndent)
  Specifies whether to autoindent by default or not. The default is to autoindent.
*editWindow.autoFill (Class AutoFill)
  Specifies whether to break a line when the user attempts to type into the right margin or not.
*editWindow.wrap (Class Wrap)
  Specifies default wrapmode for lines longer than the textwindow. Values are never, word and line. The default value is never.
tabsize (Class Tabsize)
  Specifies the default tabsize in characters. The default value is 8.
textheight (Class Textheight)
  Specifies the default height of the textwindow in number of characters. The default value is 40.
textwidth (Class Textwidth)
  Specifies the default width of the textwindow in number of characters. The default value is 80.
maxScrollbreak (Class MaxScrollbreak)
  Specifies how many cursor up/down events with the same serial number should be ignored.
insertranslations (Class Insertranslations)
  Keybindings in Insert mode
overwritetranslations (Class Overwritetranslations)
  Keybindings in Overwrite mode
commands (Class Commands) pipes (Class Pipes)
  Each command has the format "<Menu entry> <Tab> <Command string>\n\". Here is a short example with some useful commands. It may be placed in the users "~/.Xdefaults" file:

Xed*commands: Make      make\n\
CC      cc $stripped.c -o $stripped
Xed*pipes: Date date

The following variables are set and may be used in a command:

$selection: Filename of the temporary file containing the current selection

$tempfile : Filename of the temporary saved text file

$filename : Filename of the edited file

$stripped : Stripped Filename (without postfix and path) of the edited file


DISPLAY to get the default host and display number.
  to get the name of a resource file that overrides the global resources stored in the RESOURCE_MANAGER property.


<LIBDIR>/X11/app-defaults/Xed - specifies required resources
<LIBDIR>/X11/xed/ - help text
<LIBDIR> stands for "/usr/lib" (X11 Release 5 or earlier) or "/usr/X11R6/lib" (since X11 Release 6).


X(1), xrdb(1), xedit(1), Athena Widget Set


See X(1) for a full statement of rights and permissions.


Randolf Werner, University Koblenz, Germany
Karl-Heinz Staudt, University Koblenz, Germany
Chris D. Peterson, MIT X Consortium
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X Version 11 XED (1) 30.4.1992

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