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Manual Reference Pages  -  XTAR (1)


xtar 1.4 - view contents of a tar file




xtar [Xoptions] [tarfile [.gz |.Z]]


XTar is a Motif program for viewing and manipulating tar archives (which may be compressed). The contents of the archive are displayed in the main window and various options are available from pulldown and popup menus.

The main window shows the name of the file currently displayed, its size and its size when unpacked.

The main XTar pulldown menu has the following options:
OPEN Open a new tar file.
UNPACK ALL Unpack the entire archive. All files are extracted in the same directory as the tar archive itself.
UNPACK ALL AS... Unpack the entire archive somewhere else. This allows you to select another location to extract the tar archive. You can interactively select a directory from the file selection box or type in the name of a new directory which will be created.
SEARCH... Perform a regular expression search on the FILENAMES in the tar file. This can also be activated by pressing ’/’ in the main window.
NEXT Search for the next occurence of the regular expression. This can also be activated by pressing
CONVERT UID/GID Convert user IDs and group IDs to names on the current system.
QUIT Exit XTar.
The Option pulldown menu allows you to perform actions on the currently selected file. A similar menu is available by pressing the right mouse button in the list window. Furthermore if you set the resource "showPB" to True then buttons are displayed at the bottom of the main window to perform these actions too. They are as follows:
VIEW View a file. This uses the XTar resource "mappings" to display the selected file. If the file ending matches one in the list then the appropriate external viewer is called; otherwise it is assumed to be text and a window is opened. The text window also shows the currently selected file and its size.
EXTRACT If you have selected a file, this extracts that file into the current directory. If you have selected a directory this unpacks it in the same directory as the the tar file.
EXTRACT AS... Allows you to save the file or directory under another name. If you try and extract a directory into a directory which does not exist, then it is created first.
The Set Attributes pulldown menu allows you to set permissions, ownership, and, if you are root, the group id and time stamp, on extracted files. To enable these options simply toggle the corresponding button.

The Info pulldown menu allows you to access copyright information and the xtar man page.


Rik Turnbull, University of Liverpool <>
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