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Manual Reference Pages  -  BUSINESS::ONLINEPAYMENT::SUREPAY (3)

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Business::OnlinePayment::SurePay - SurePay backend for Business::OnlinePayment



  use Business::OnlinePayment::SurePay;
  my $tx = new Business::OnlinePayment("SurePay");
    first_name     => Jason,
    last_name      => Kohles,
    address        => 123 Anystreet,
    city           => Anywhere,
    state          => UT,
    country        => USA,
    zip            => 99999,
    card_number    => 4111111111111111,
    expiration     => 12/00,
    order_number   => 100100,
    description    => test,
    quantity       => 1,
    sku_number     => 12345,
    tax_rate       => 0,
    amount         => 50.00,
    login          => Your merchant login,
    password       => Your merchant password

  if($tx->is_success()) {
      print "Card processed successfully: ".$tx->authorization."\n";
  } else {
      print "Card was rejected: ".$tx->error_message."\n";


    Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club


The following content is required for successeful transaction:
first_name - The first name of card holder.
last_name - The last name of card holder.
address - The street address.
city - The city of address.
state - The state of address.
country - The country of address.
zip - The zip/postal code of address.
card_number - The credit card number.
expiration - The required credit card expiration date. This is a slash with one or two digits on either side.
order_number - The order number of the authorization request.
description - The description of the item of the order.
quantity - The quantity of the item of the order.
sku_number - The SKU of the item.
tax_rate - The tax rate of the item.
amount - The cost of this item. This attribute must be a minus character,for discounts, followed by a string of digits.
login - The required ID of the merchant whose request is being submitted.
password - The required password to access the merchant account.

The following optional content is posible also:
csp - The name for the commerce service provider through which the merchant’s request is being submitted.
phone - The primary/daytime phone number.
eveningphone - The evening phone number.
fax - The fax number.
email - The email address.
cvv2 - The 3- or 4-digit CVV2 code found on the signature line on the back of the credit card following the account number.
cvv2status - An optional code indicating whether the CVV2 code isn‘t being used, is illegible, or isn‘t present on the card.
ecommerce - The value true or false specifies that the transaction was initiated over the Internet.
eccommercecode - The code that identifies what level of encryption was used when processing the transaction.
ponumber - The purchase order number of the authorization request.
ipaddress - The Internet IP address of the customer being authorized.
verbalauthcode - The manual authorization code.
verbalauthdate - The date and time of verbal authorization.
shippingcost - The shipping costs for the order.
taxamount - The tax amount for the order.
trackingnumbers - The list of identifiers used to track this order.
recurring - The value true or false, depending upon whether this payment is recurring, which may affect customer credibility.
referringurl - The data identifying the URL of the site from which the customer was referred to the merchant’s web site.
browsertype - The data identifying the browser used by the customer when placing the order on the merchant’s web site.

For detailed information see Business::OnlinePayment.


This module implements Normal Authorization mathod only and compatible with Software Developer Kit verion 1.4. See for details.


Alexey Khobov, <>


perl. Business::OnlinePayment.
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