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Manual Reference Pages  -  COLOR::RGB (3)

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Color::Rgb - Simple rgb.txt parsing class



$Revision: 1.4 $


    use Color::Rgb;
    $rgb = new Color::Rgb(rgb_txt=>/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt);

    @rgb = $rgb->rgb(red);            # returns 255, 0, 0
    $red = $rgb->rgb(red, ,);       # returns the above rgb list as
                                        # comma separated string
    $red_hex=$rgb->hex(red);          # returns FF0000
    $red_hex=$rgb->hex(red, #);     # returns #FF0000

    $my_hex = $rgb->rgb2hex(255,0,0);   # returns FF0000
    $my_rgb = $rgb->hex2rgb(#FF0000); # returns list of 255,0,0


Color::Rgb - simple rgb.txt parsing class.


o new([rgb_txt=$rgb_file])> - constructor. Returns a Color::Rgb object. Optionally accepts a path to the rgb.txt file. If you omit the file, it will use the path in the $Color::Rgb::RGB_TXT variable, which defaults to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt. It means, instead of using rgb_txt=>’’ option, you could also set the value of the $Color::Rgb::RGB_TXT variable to the correct path before you call the new() constructor (but definitely after you load the Color::Rgb class with use or require).

Note: If your system does not provide with any rgb.txt file, Color::Rgb distribution includes one you can use instead.

o name2rgb($name [,$delimiter]) - returns list of numeric Red, Green and Blue values for a $name delimited (optionally) by a $delimiter . $name is name of the color in the English language (Ex., ’black’, ’red’, ’purple’ etc.).


    my ($r, $g, $b) = $rgb->rgb(blue);      # returns list: 00, 00, 255
    my $string      = $rgb->rgb(blue, ,); # returns string: 00,00,255

If name does not exist in the rgb.txt file it will return undef.

o name2hex($name [,$prefix]) - similar to rgb($name) method, but returns hexadecimal string representing red, green and blue colors, prefixed (optionally) with $prefix. If $name does not exist in the rgb.txt file it will return undef.
o hex($name, [,$delimiter]) - alias to name2hex()
o rgb($name, [,$delimiter]) - alias to name2rgb()
o rgb2hex($r, $g, $b [,$prefix]) - converts rgb value to hexadecimal string. This method has nothing to do with the rgb.txt file, so none of the arguments need to exist in the file.


    @rgb = (128, 128, 128);               # RGB representation of grey
    $hex_grey = $rgb->rgb2hex(@rgb);      # returns string C0C0C0
    $hex_grey = $rgb->rgb2hex(@rgb, #); # returns string #C0C0C0

o hex2rgb(hex [,$delim]) - the opposite of rgb2hex(): takes a hexadecimal representation of a color and returns a numeric list of Red, Green and Blue. If optional $delim delimiter is present, it returns the string of RGB colors delimited by the $delimiter. Characters like ’#’ and ’0x’ in the beginning of the hexadecimal value will be ignored. Examples:

    $hex = #00FF00;   # represents blue

    @rgb = $rgb->hex2rgb($hex);            #returns list of 0, 255, 0
    $rgb_string = $rgb->hex2rgb($hex,,); #returns string 0,255,0

Note: hex2rgb() expects valid hexadecimal representation of a color in 6 character long string. If not, it might not work properly.

o names([$pattern] - returns a list of all the names in the rgb.txt file. If $pattern is given as the first argument, it will return only the names matching the pattern. Example:

    @colors = $rgb->names;         # returns all the names

    @gray_colors = $rgb->names(gray); # returns list of all the names
                                        # matching the word gray


Following people contributed to this library with their patches and/or bug reports. (list is in chronological order)
o Marc-Olivier BERNARD <> notified of the warnings that the library produced while warnings pragma enabled and improper parsed rgb values that contain single 0. This bug was fixed in 1.2
o Martin Herrmann <> noticed a bug in rgb2hex() method which was failing if the blue value was a single 0. This problem is fixed in 1.3


Color::Rgb is a free software and can be modified and distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.


Color::Rgb is maintained by Sherzod B. Ruzmetov <>.




Hey! <B>The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below:B>
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