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Manual Reference Pages  -  NET::AIM::CONNECTION (3)

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Net::AIM::Connection - Interface to an AIM connection




This module handles the connection and communications between us and the server. It parses the incoming data and hands it off to handler methods if they are defined. It currently supports and follows the TOC protocol and contains methods to send out our information and messages.



      Net::AIM::Connection-E<gt>new( {
         Screenname => perlaim,
         Password => yaddayadda,
         TocServer =>,
         TocPort => 80,
         AuthServer =>,
         AuthPort => 5159

Creates a new Connection object and tries to connect to the AIM TOC server. This method creates and objet and calls connect with all the arguments passed to it.


   $aim_conn-E<gt>new( {
         Screenname => perlaim,  #required
         Password => ilyegk,  #required
         TocServer =>,
         TocPort => 9898,
         AuthServer =>,
         AutoReconnect => 1,
         Agent => Net::aim mychat, # DONT USE AIM!!!
         AuthPort => 5159
     } );

Sets up a connection to the AOL TOC server.


This method normalizes $data by killing all but strict alphnumeric characters. Typically used for screen_names.

$aim_conn->send_im($screen_name, $message)

This method sends $message to $screen_name.


This method sets our idle time to $idle_time. If $idle_time is omitted it will be set to 0.


This method adds @buddies to our buddy list that is set on the server.


This method adds @buddies to our permit list that is set on the server.


This method adds @buddies to our deny list that is set on the server.


This method removes @buddies from our buddy list that is set on the server.


This method sets our idle time to $idle_time. If $idle_time is omitted it will be set to 0.


Sends an info request to the server for $screen_name. The server should reply with a URL which will contain the info requested about the user.


This method sets your info or profile information to $info on the server.

$aim_conn->evil($user, $anon)

Warn $screen_name. $anon: boolean value which will determine whether to warn the user anonymously or normally. Anonymous warnings are less severe.


Send $message to the server. This is used internally by other functions to send commands to the server.

   $aim_conn->send_to_AOL(toc_add_buddy perlaim)

$aim_conn->chat_invite($room, $msg, @buddies)

Invite @buddies to $room with the message $msg


This will accept an invitation that was sent to us for $room_id


This method instructs the server to take you out of the room $room_id


Whisper $msg to $user in the room $room_id

$aim_conn->chat_send_to_AOL($room_id, $message)

Send $message in chat room $room_id


Send a request to enter the room $roomname


Returns a boolean value based on the state of the object’s socket.


Set whether to print DEBUGGING information to STDERRR. Accepts $debug which should be a boolean value.

$aim_conn->set_handler($evttype, \&coderef)

Set a sub routine to be called when $event is encountered:
$aim_conn->set_handler(’error’, \&on_errror);
$aim_conn->set_handler(’im_in’, \&on_im);


This method returns $str encoded as per the TOC specs: escaped special chars ({}[]$) and enclosed in quotes (")


This method roasts $password according to the TOC specs. The roasted password is returned.


Sends $cfg_str to the server to be used as configuration values for the account.


Read a chunk of data off the connection to the server parse it and send it off to any defined handlers.


Aryeh Goldsmith <>.


The Net::AIM project:

The Net::AIM bot list:




Hey! <B>The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below:B>
Around line 21: You can’t have =items (as at line 107) unless the first thing after the =over is an =item
Around line 878: You forgot a ’=back’ before ’=head1’
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