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Manual Reference Pages  -  PDF::API3::COMPAT::API2::UTIL (3)

.ds Aq ’


PDF::API3::Compat::API2::Util - utility package for often use methods across the package.



%sizes = getPaperSizes(); Will retrive the registered papersizes of PDF::API3::Compat::API2.

    print Dumper(\%sizes);
        4a        =>  [ 4760  , 6716  ],
        2a        =>  [ 3368  , 4760  ],
        a0        =>  [ 2380  , 3368  ],
        a1        =>  [ 1684  , 2380  ],
        a2        =>  [ 1190  , 1684  ],
        a3        =>  [ 842   , 1190  ],
        a4        =>  [ 595   , 842   ],
        a5        =>  [ 421   , 595   ],
        a6        =>  [ 297   , 421   ],
        4b        =>  [ 5656  , 8000  ],
        2b        =>  [ 4000  , 5656  ],
        b0        =>  [ 2828  , 4000  ],
        b1        =>  [ 2000  , 2828  ],
        b2        =>  [ 1414  , 2000  ],
        b3        =>  [ 1000  , 1414  ],
        b4        =>  [ 707   , 1000  ],
        b5        =>  [ 500   , 707   ],
        b6        =>  [ 353   , 500   ],
        letter    =>  [ 612   , 792   ],
        broadsheet    =>  [ 1296  , 1584  ],
        ledger    =>  [ 1224  , 792   ],
        tabloid   =>  [ 792   , 1224  ],
        legal     =>  [ 612   , 1008  ],
        executive =>  [ 522   , 756   ],
        36x36     =>  [ 2592  , 2592  ],


See the file unicolor.txt for a complete list.

<B>Please Note:B> This is an amalgamation of the X11, SGML and (X)HTML specification sets.


See the file uniglyph.txt for a complete list.

a a1 a10 a100 a101 a102 a103 a104 a105 a106 a107 a108 a11 a117 a118 a119 a12 a120 a121 a122 a123 a124 a125 a126 a127 a128 a129 a13 a130 a131 a132 a133 a134 a135 a136 a137 a138 a139 a14 a140 a141 a142 a143 a144 a145 a146 a147 a148 a149 a15 a150 a151 a152 a153 a154 a155 a156 a157 a158 a159 a16 a160 a162 a165 a166 a167 a168 a169 a17 a170 a171 a172 a173 a174 a175 a176 a177 a178 a179 a18 a180 a181 a182 a183 a184 a185 a186 a187 a188 a189 a19 a190 a191 a192 a193 a194 a195 a196 a197 a198 a199 a2 a20 a200 a201 a202 a203 a204 a205 a206 a21 a22 a23 a24 a25 a26 a27 a28 a29 a3 a30 a31 a32 a33 a34 a35 a36 a37 a38 a39 a4 a40 a41 a42 a43 a44 a45 a46 a47 a48 a49 a5 a50 a51 a52 a53 a54 a55 a56 a57 a58 a59 a6 a60 a61 a62 a63 a64 a65 a66 a67 a68 a69 a7 a70 a72 a74 a75 a78 a79 a8 a81 a82 a83 a84 a85 a86 a87 a88 a89 a9 a90 a91 a92 a93 a94 a95 a96 a97 a98 a99 aacgr aacute Aacutesmall abreve acirc acircumflex Acircumflexsmall acute acutecomb Acutesmall acy adieresis Adieresissmall ae aeacute aelig AEsmall afii00208 afii10017 afii10018 afii10019 afii10020 afii10021 afii10022 afii10023 afii10024 afii10025 afii10026 afii10027 afii10028 afii10029 afii10030 afii10031 afii10032 afii10033 afii10034 afii10035 afii10036 afii10037 afii10038 afii10039 afii10040 afii10041 afii10042 afii10043 afii10044 afii10045 afii10046 afii10047 afii10048 afii10049 afii10050 afii10051 afii10052 afii10053 afii10054 afii10055 afii10056 afii10057 afii10058 afii10059 afii10060 afii10061 afii10062 afii10063 afii10064 afii10065 afii10066 afii10067 afii10068 afii10069 afii10070 afii10071 afii10072 afii10073 afii10074 afii10075 afii10076 afii10077 afii10078 afii10079 afii10080 afii10081 afii10082 afii10083 afii10084 afii10085 afii10086 afii10087 afii10088 afii10089 afii10090 afii10091 afii10092 afii10093 afii10094 afii10095 afii10096 afii10097 afii10098 afii10099 afii10100 afii10101 afii10102 afii10103 afii10104 afii10105 afii10106 afii10107 afii10108 afii10109 afii10110 afii10145 afii10146 afii10147 afii10148 afii10192 afii10193 afii10194 afii10195 afii10196 afii10831 afii10832 afii10846 afii299 afii300 afii301 afii57381 afii57388 afii57392 afii57393 afii57394 afii57395 afii57396 afii57397 afii57398 afii57399 afii57400 afii57401 afii57403 afii57407 afii57409 afii57410 afii57411 afii57412 afii57413 afii57414 afii57415 afii57416 afii57417 afii57418 afii57419 afii57420 afii57421 afii57422 afii57423 afii57424 afii57425 afii57426 afii57427 afii57428 afii57429 afii57430 afii57431 afii57432 afii57433 afii57434 afii57440 afii57441 afii57442 afii57443 afii57444 afii57445 afii57446 afii57448 afii57449 afii57450 afii57451 afii57452 afii57453 afii57454 afii57455 afii57456 afii57457 afii57458 afii57470 afii57505 afii57506 afii57507 afii57508 afii57509 afii57511 afii57512 afii57513 afii57514 afii57519 afii57534 afii57636 afii57645 afii57658 afii57664 afii57665 afii57666 afii57667 afii57668 afii57669 afii57670 afii57671 afii57672 afii57673 afii57674 afii57675 afii57676 afii57677 afii57678 afii57679 afii57680 afii57681 afii57682 afii57683 afii57684 afii57685 afii57686 afii57687 afii57688 afii57689 afii57690 afii57694 afii57695 afii57700 afii57705 afii57716 afii57717 afii57718 afii57723 afii57793 afii57794 afii57795 afii57796 afii57797 afii57798 afii57799 afii57800 afii57801 afii57802 afii57803 afii57804 afii57806 afii57807 afii57839 afii57841 afii57842 afii57929 afii61248 afii61289 afii61352 afii61573 afii61574 afii61575 afii61664 afii63167 afii64937 agr agrave Agravesmall airplane alefsym aleph alpha alphatonos amacr amacron amalg amp ampersand ampersandit ampersanditlc ampersandsmall and ang ang90 angle angleleft angleright angmsd angsph angst anoteleia aogon aogonek ap ape apos approxequal aquarius aries aring aringacute Aringsmall arrowboth arrowdblboth arrowdbldown arrowdblleft arrowdblright arrowdblup arrowdown arrowdwnleft1 arrowdwnrt1 arrowhorizex arrowleft arrowleftdwn1 arrowleftup1 arrowright arrowrtdwn1 arrowrtup1 arrowup arrowupdn arrowupdnbse arrowupleft1 arrowuprt1 arrowvertex asciicircum asciitilde Asmall ast asterisk asteriskmath asuperior asymp at atilde Atildesmall auml b backslash ballpoint bar barb2down barb2left barb2ne barb2nw barb2right barb2se barb2sw barb2up barb4down barb4left barb4ne barb4nw barb4right barb4se barb4sw barb4up barwed bcong bcy bdash1 bdash2 bdown bdquo becaus bell bepsi bernou beta beth bgr blank bleft bleftright blk12 blk14 blk34 block bne bnw bomb book bottom bowtie box2 box3 box4 boxcheckbld boxdl boxdr boxh boxhd boxhu boxshadowdwn boxshadowup boxul boxur boxv boxvh boxvl boxvr boxxmarkbld bprime braceex braceleft braceleftbt braceleftmid bracelefttp braceright bracerightbt bracerightmid bracerighttp bracketleft bracketleftbt bracketleftex bracketlefttp bracketright bracketrightbt bracketrightex bracketrighttp breve Brevesmall bright brokenbar brvbar bse bsim bsime Bsmall bsol bsuperior bsw budleafne budleafnw budleafse budleafsw bull bullet bump bumpe bup bupdown c cacute cancer candle cap capricorn caret caron Caronsmall carriagereturn ccaron ccedil ccedilla Ccedillasmall ccirc ccircumflex cdot cdotaccent cedil cedilla Cedillasmall cent centinferior centoldstyle centsuperior chcy check checkbld chi cir circ circle circle2 circle4 circle6 circledown circleleft circlemultiply circleplus circleright circleshadowdwn circleshadowup circlestar circleup circumflex Circumflexsmall cire clear club clubs colon colone colonmonetary comma commaaccent commainferior command commasuperior commat comp compfn cong congruent conint coprod copy copyright copyrightsans copyrightserif copysr crarr crescentstar cross crossceltic crossmaltese crossoutline crossshadow crosstar2 Csmall cuepr cuesc cularr cup cupre curarr curren currency cuspopen cuspopen1 cuvee cuwed cyrbreve cyrflex d dagger daggerdbl daleth darr darr2 dash dashv dblac dblgrave dcaron dcroat dcy deg degree deleteleft deleteright delta dgr dharl dharr diam diamond diams die dieresis dieresisacute dieresisgrave Dieresissmall dieresistonos divide divonx djcy dkshade dlarr dlcorn dlcrop dnblock dodecastar3 dollar dollarinferior dollaroldstyle dollarsuperior dong dot dotaccent Dotaccentsmall dotbelowcomb DotDot dotlessi dotlessj dotmath drarr drcorn drcrop droplet dscy Dsmall dstrok dsuperior dtri dtrif dzcy e eacgr eacute Eacutesmall ebreve ecaron ecir ecirc ecircumflex Ecircumflexsmall ecolon ecy edieresis Edieresissmall edot edotaccent eeacgr eegr efDot egr egrave Egravesmall egs eight eightinferior eightoclock eightoldstyle eightsans eightsansinv eightsuperior element elevenoclock ell ellipsis els emacr emacron emdash empty emptyset emsp emsp13 emsp14 endash eng ensp envelopeback envelopefront eogon eogonek epsi epsilon epsilontonos epsis equal equals equiv equivalence erDot escape esdot Esmall estimated esuperior eta etatonos eth Ethsmall euml euro excl exclam exclamdbl exclamdown exclamdownsmall exclamsmall exist existential f fcy female ff ffi ffl fi figuredash filecabinet filetalltext filetalltext1 filetalltext3 filledbox filledrect 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uplus upsi upsih upsilon Upsilon1 upsilondieresis upsilondieresistonos upsilontonos urcorn urcrop uring Usmall utilde utri utrif uuml v varr vcy vdash veebar vellip verbar vineleafboldne vineleafboldnw vineleafboldse vineleafboldsw virgo vltri vprime vprop vrtri Vsmall Vvdash w wacute wcirc wcircumflex wdieresis wedgeq weierp weierstrass wgrave wheel windowslogo wreath Wsmall x xcirc xdtri xgr xi xmarkbld xrhombus Xsmall xutri y yacute Yacutesmall yacy ycirc ycircumflex ycy ydieresis Ydieresissmall yen ygrave yicy yinyang Ysmall yucy yuml z zacute zcaron Zcaronsmall zcy zdot zdotaccent zero zeroinferior zerooldstyle zerosans zerosansinv zerosuperior zeta zgr zhcy Zsmall zwnj

<B>Please Note:B> You may notice that apart from the ’AGL/WGL4’, names from the XML, (X)HTML and SGML specification sets have been included to enable interoperability towards PDF.


    $Log:,v $
    Revision 2.0  2005/11/16 02:16:00  areibens
    revision workaround for SF cvs import not to screw up CPAN

    Revision 1.2  2005/11/16 01:27:48  areibens

    Revision 1.1  2005/11/16 01:19:24  areibens

    Revision 1.23  2005/06/17 19:43:47  fredo
    fixed CPAN modulefile versioning (again)

    Revision 1.22  2005/06/17 18:53:33  fredo
    fixed CPAN modulefile versioning (dislikes cvs)

    Revision 1.21  2005/05/28 15:58:15  fredo
    added xmldecl for markup code
    moved colors/pagesizes to separate files

    Revision 1.20  2005/03/15 00:59:43  fredo

    Revision 1.19  2005/03/14 23:51:47  fredo

    Revision 1.18  2005/03/14 22:01:06  fredo
    upd 2005

    Revision 1.17  2005/02/11 18:48:36  fredo
    added getPaperSizes method to help fix PDF::Report.

    Revision 1.16  2004/12/31 03:12:46  fredo
    no message

    Revision 1.15  2004/12/29 01:14:01  fredo
    fixed no warn for recursion

    Revision 1.14  2004/12/16 00:30:52  fredo
    added no warn for recursion

    Revision 1.13  2004/11/22 02:34:13  fredo
    moved unicode+glyphs to better maintainable uniglyph.txt

    Revision 1.12  2004/06/21 22:33:37  fredo
    added basic pattern/shading handling

    Revision 1.11  2004/06/15 09:11:38  fredo
    removed cr+lf

    Revision 1.10  2004/06/07 19:44:12  fredo
    cleaned out cr+lf for lf

    Revision 1.9  2004/02/12 14:39:22  fredo
    start work on better HSV code

    Revision 1.8  2004/02/10 15:53:57  fredo
    corrected pdfkeys

    Revision 1.7  2004/02/05 22:21:48  fredo
    fixed lab behavior

    Revision 1.6  2004/02/05 16:13:23  fredo
    fixed namecolor methods

    Revision 1.5  2004/02/05 11:28:48  fredo
    simplified namecolor,
    added *_lab/*_cmyk methods,
    corrected rgb->cmyk conversion to practical parameters

    Revision 1.4  2003/12/08 13:05:19  Administrator
    corrected to proper licencing statement

    Revision 1.3  2003/11/30 17:20:10  Administrator
    merged into default

    Revision  2003/11/30 16:56:22  Administrator
    merged into default

    Revision 1.2  2003/11/30 11:32:17  Administrator
    added CVS id/log

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