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Manual Reference Pages  -  SCMXX (3)

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SCMxx - Perl extension for scmxx



  use SCMxx;
  my $scmxx = new SCMxx;

  my $scmxxversion = $scmxx->version;
  my $infotxt = $scmxx->information;
  my %available_phonebooks = $scmxx->get_available_phonebooks;
  my @phonebook = $scmxx->get_phonebook($pbook);


Documentation for SCMxx,


new This is the constructor for a new SCMxx object. No options are required.


    General Functions

set_preferences(key => value) This will set one or more preferences for scmxx.
information This will return the info text provided by the cellphone as scalar. (output of scmxx -i)
reset Try to reset the phone (scmxx --reset). Will return STDOUT and STDERR of scmxx
setdebug Set the debug, will show scmxx commands on STDOUT
version This will return the version of scmxx

    SMS related Functions

get_sms($slot, $format) This will return the SMS of a specific slot (or ’all’ if not specified). You can choose the format of the return value. Possible formats are:
TEXT: returns the output of scmxx
ARRAY: returns an array of structured sms-messages
(a hash ref for each sms)
HASH: returns a hash with slot as key and a the sms
as value (as hash ref)
delete_sms($slot) Removes the SMS on Slot $slot from the phone.
send_sms($number, $text, [$flash, $saveonly]) This will send a SMS to $number with text $text. The optional parameter $flash will send a ’flash’-sms (which is displayed directly if the phone of the receiver supports this option). $saveonly will save the SMS text at the phone.

    Phonebook Functions

get_phonebook($pbook, [$format, $timeout]) This will fetch the specified Phonebook (or SM) from your phone and return it as ARRAY or HASH containing hash refs {NUMBER => 000, NAME => xxx }
create_phonebook_from_data($data, [$format]) This will generate a Phonebook from text. $data must contain multiple lines, each in the following format:
(eg. 3,5551234,My Friend\n)
available_phonebooks Returns a hash. Keys are the short forms of the Phonebook names (eg. SM) and values are the descriptions.
generate_phonebook($data) Generates a Phonebook, which can be sent to scmxx. Format is described above. It returns an array ($status, $data). If $status is not 0, the generation of $data was successfull, else $data is an errorstring.
save_phonebook($pbook, $data [,$pin2])

    Addressbook Functions

get_addressbook([$timeout]) Fetch Addressbook from phone
create_addressbook_from_data($data) Create a HASH from given data
create_address($data) Returns a hash ref with Porperties of vcards as keys and their values as values.
delete_address($slot) Delete vcard from slot $slot. Returns output of scmxx.
delete_addressbook_entry($slot) The same as delete_address.
save_address($slot, $address) Calls generate_vcare($address) and saves the resulting vcard it on the phone at slot $slot.
generate_vcard($address) Generates a vcard from $addess (= a hash ref)

    Bitmap functions

get_bitmaps($slot [, $bitmapdir, $format]) Fetches bitmap from slot $slot (or all if not specified) and saves it in dir $bitmapdir (or ’.’). Filenames are $slot.bmp. If you specify $format = ’xpm’ it will convert the bitmap(s) to xpm-format, but leave the original bitmap untouched. (This requires bmptoppm and ppmtoxpm) Returns an array with the names of the fetched bitmaps.

    Midi File Functions

get_sounds($slot [,$dir]) Fetches midi-file from slot $slot (or all if not specified) and saves it in dir $dir (or ’.’). Filenames are $slot.mid. It returns a array containing the name(s) of the fetched midi-file(s) (This is very alpha)


A lot, I think.


A lot! Eg. save bitmaps and sounds, check input, ....




scmxx, perl(1).
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