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Manual Reference Pages  -  SYMPA::INTERNALS (3)

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Sympa::Internals - Sympa internals



Below is the list of Sympa internal modules. To know details of each module, run:

  man Sympa::ModuleName


Sympa Future base class of Sympa functional objects
Sympa::Admin TBD
Sympa::Alarm Spool on memory for listmaster notification
Sympa::Archive Archives of Sympa
Sympa::Auth TBD
Sympa::Bulk Spool for bulk sending
Sympa::CommandDef Definition of mail commands
Sympa::ConfDef Definition of site and robot configuration parameters
Sympa::Config_XML TBD
Sympa::Constants Definition of constants
Sympa::Crash Show traceback on critical error
Sympa::Database Handling databases
Sympa::DatabaseDescription Dafinition of core database structure
Sympa::DatabaseDriver Base class of database drivers for Sympa
Sympa::DatabaseDriver::CSV Database driver for CSV
Sympa::DatabaseDriver::LDAP Database driver for LDAP search operation
Sympa::DatabaseDriver::MySQL Database driver for MySQL / MariaDB
Sympa::DatabaseDriver::ODBC Database driver for ODBC
Sympa::DatabaseDriver::Oracle Database driver for Oracle Database
Sympa::DatabaseDriver::Oracle::St Correcting behavior of DBD::Oracle
Sympa::DatabaseDriver::PostgreSQL Database driver for PostgreSQL
Sympa::DatabaseDriver::SQLite Database driver for SQLite
Sympa::DatabaseDriver::Sybase Database driver for Adaptive Server Enterprise
Sympa::DatabaseManager Managing schema of Sympa core database
Sympa::Datasource TBD
Sympa::Family TBD
Sympa::Fetch TBD
Sympa::HTML::FormatText TBD
Sympa::HTMLDecorator Decorating HTML texts
Sympa::HTMLSanitizer Sanitize HTML contents
Sympa::Language Handling languages and locales
Sympa::List TBD
Sympa::ListDef Definition of list configuration parameters
Sympa::ListOpt Definition of list configuration parameter values
Sympa::LockedFile Filehandle with locking
Sympa::Log Logging facility of Sympa
Sympa::Mailer Store messages to sendmail
Sympa::Marc TBD
Sympa::Marc::Search Search archives of Sympa
Sympa::Message Mail message embedding for internal use in Sympa
Sympa::Message::Plugin process hooks
Sympa::Message::Plugin::FixEncoding Example module for message hook to correct charset and encoding of messages
Sympa::Message::Template Mail message generated from template
Sympa::ModDef Definition of dependent modules
Sympa::Process Process of Sympa
Sympa::Regexps Definition of regular expressions
Sympa::Report TBD
Sympa::Request Requests for operation
Sympa::Request::Message Command message as spool of requests
Sympa::Robot TBD
Sympa::Scenario TBD
Sympa::Session TBD
Sympa::SharedDocument TBD
Sympa::SOAP::Transport TBD
Sympa::Spindle Base class of subclasses to define Sympa workflows
Sympa::Spindle::AuthorizeMessage Workflow to authorize messages bound for lists
Sympa::Spindle::AuthorizeRequest Workflow to authorize requests in command messages
Sympa::Spindle::DispatchRequest Workflow to dispatch requests
Sympa::Spindle::DistributeMessage Workflow to distribute messages to list members
Sympa::Spindle::DoCommand Workflow to handle command messages
Sympa::Spindle::DoForward Workflow to forward messages to administrators
Sympa::Spindle::DoMessage Workflow to handle messages bound for lists
Sympa::Spindle::ProcessArchive Workflow of archive storage
Sympa::Spindle::ProcessAutomatic Workflow of automatic list creation
Sympa::Spindle::ProcessBounce Workflow of bounce processing
Sympa::Spindle::ProcessDigest Workflow of digest sending
Sympa::Spindle::ProcessHeld Workflow of message confirmation
Sympa::Spindle::ProcessIncoming Workflow of processing incoming messages
Sympa::Spindle::ProcessMessage Workflow of command processing
Sympa::Spindle::ProcessModeration Workflow of message moderation
Sympa::Spindle::ProcessOutgoing Workflow of message distribution
Sympa::Spindle::ProcessTemplate Workflow of template sending
Sympa::Spindle::ResendArchive Workflow of resending messages in archive
Sympa::Spindle::ToAlarm Process to store messages into spool on memory for listmaster notification
Sympa::Spindle::ToArchive Process to store messages into archiving spool
Sympa::Spindle::ToAuth TBD
Sympa::Spindle::ToAuthOwner Process to store requests into request spool to wait for moderation
Sympa::Spindle::ToDigest Process to store messages into digest spool
Sympa::Spindle::ToEditor Process to forward messages to list editors
Sympa::Spindle::ToHeld Process to store messages into held spool to wait for confirmation
Sympa::Spindle::ToList Process to distribute messages to list members
Sympa::Spindle::ToMailer Process to store messages into sendmail component
Sympa::Spindle::ToModeration Process to store messages into held spool to wait for moderation
Sympa::Spindle::ToOutgoing Process to store messages into outgoing spool
Sympa::Spindle::TransformDigestFinal Process to transform digest messages - final stage
Sympa::Spindle::TransformIncoming Process to transform messages - first stage
Sympa::Spindle::TransformOutgoing Process to transform messages - second stage
Sympa::Spool Base class of spool classes
Sympa::Spool::Archive Spool for messages waiting for archiving
Sympa::Spool::Auth Spool for held requests waiting for moderation
Sympa::Spool::Automatic Spool for incoming messages in automatic spool
Sympa::Spool::Bounce Spool for incoming bounce messages
Sympa::Spool::Digest Spool for messages waiting for digest sending
Sympa::Spool::Digest::Collection Collection of digest spools
Sympa::Spool::Held Spool for held messages waiting for confirmation
Sympa::Spool::Incoming Spool for incoming messages
Sympa::Spool::Moderation Spool for held messages waiting for moderation
Sympa::Task TBD
Sympa::Template Template parser
Sympa::Ticket One-time ticket for authorization
Sympa::Tools::Data TBD
Sympa::Tools::DKIM TBD
Sympa::Tools::File File-related functions
Sympa::Tools::Password TBD
Sympa::Tools::SMIME TBD
Sympa::Tools::Text Text-related functions
Sympa::Tools::Time Time-related functions
Sympa::Tools::WWW TBD
Sympa::Topic Message topic
Sympa::Tracking Spool for message tracking
Sympa::Upgrade TBD
Sympa::User All Users Identified by Sympa


See Sympa::Internals::Workflow.



Sympa, Mailing List Management Software - Reference Manual. <>.

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