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Manual Reference Pages  -  NEFU.CONF (4)


nefu.conf - dependency map for nefu network monitor


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nefu.conf contains dependency and service information used by the nefu network monitor.

A configuration entry is composed of at least two lines. The first line is a colon separated line with three fields: one or more target machines, the target’s network dependency (if any), and a list of mail addresses that are alerted in the event of a target’s state change. The second and subsequent lines define the services to be tested on the target machines. Syntax is as follows:

machine [ machine ...] : [ dependency ] : [ group ...]
<tab>    test[:port] [arg ...]
[<tab>   test[:port] [arg ...] ...]

A ’#146; character at the end of a line is interpreted as a line continuation character.

Lines beginning with a ’#’ character are comments, and ignored.

Machines must be domain names or IP addresses. If nefu is unable to resolve a domain name, or if a domain name resolves to multiple IP addresses, it will be ignored by the monitor and listed as down on the status page. Nefu may re-query DNS for these machines. See nefu(1).

A dependency is a machine that acts as a gateway for any other machine. Machines and routers that are local (on the same subnet as a nefu machine) will have no dependency. All dependencies must also be defined as machines, with their own dependencies. Dependancies may not be circular. All machines must have a path back to the root of the tree.

groups are mail addresses where nefu mails state change alerts.

Tests are services that a machine offers. Tests use the default port for their protocol, where applicable. The optional port argument is used to monitor protocols on non-standard ports.


usage: ping [ timeout ]
Ping uses a raw socket, and does not take a port argument. The optional "timeout" argument specifies the default ping timeout, and must be an integer 0 or greater. If timeout is set to 0, ping will never be tested, but will always return success. Ping can only be explicitly defined once per machine. If ping is not explicitly defined for a machine, ping will inherit every group of every service monitored on that machine.

usage: ’!’ scriptname [arg ...]
The shell test does not take a port argument. All optional arguments are passed to the script. Scripts are located under $HOME/shelltests, and must be executable by nefu. nefu sets two environment variables that scripts may make use of, NEFU_MACHINE which is the machine’s name, and NEFU_ADDR, the machine’s IP address, as well as including all of the environment variables that nefu was invoked with. Shelltests return 0 for UP, 1 for DOWN, and 2 for MAYBE_DOWN. The first line of output from a shelltest is preserved as a status message.

tcp "port" test
usage: tcp
usage: telnet
usage: finger
usage: https
usage: afp
usage: kpop
usage: irc
If this test successfully connects to a given port it closes the connection and returns up. No banners are read, no protocol information is exchanged.

stcp test
usage: stcp
usage: ftp
usage: smtp
usage: nntp
usage: tpp
If this test connects, receives a "2??" banner, replies "QUIT", receives a "2??" banner, and successfully closes the connection, the service is considered up.

usage: http [ timeout ]
[ url ]
This test expects a "2??" or "3??" banner.

usage: dns [ domain ]
This test requests DNS information for a domain. The domain can be an optioal argument to the test, or can be globally set with the -M command line option.

usage: pop
usage: pop2
usage: pop3
This test expects a "+OK" banner.

usage: ntp
This test expects a reply to be within 30 seconds of the monitor machine’s local time.

usage: imap
This test expects a "* OK" and "* BYE" banner.


The following are example entries in a nefu.conf file:

Example where nefu monitors dns and telnet on a local server. No dependency is listed for local routers and machines.

        server : : unix_group

Example where nefu monitors web service on the same server, with a different responsibility group.

        server : : web_group

Example where nefu monitors two web servers and a dns server behind a local router. Each web server is running http on ports 80 and 8080, as well as https and ftp.

        dns_server : router : unix_group

        webserver1 webserver2 : router : web_group

        router : : network_group

Example where nefu monitors a server with a shell test. Both the web group and unix group are alerted.

        unix_server : router : unix_group web_group
                ! external_shelltest


nefu(1), sendmail(1)
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RSUG NEFU (4) October 2002

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