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Manual Reference Pages  -  RAZOR-AGENT.CONF (5)

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"razor-agent.conf" - Configuration file for Razor Agents



razor-agent.conf is a configuration file read by the razor agents, which include razor-check(1), razor-admin(1), razor-report(1), and razor-revoke(1). The format is attribute = value pairs, one pair per line. Lines that begin with ‘#’ are treated as comments.


Following attributes can be specified:
<B>razorhomeB> Directory where Razor Agents look for files. All files in razor-agent.conf without a full path will be relative to razorhome. The default is /usr/local/etc/ for root, and ~/.razor/ for every other user. If razorhome does not exist, it will be created.
<B>logfileB> Log file for the Razor Agents. The default is razor-agent.log.
<B>debuglevelB> Controls the amount of messages written to logfile. It is an integer between 0 and 20. For Example, a value of 1 logs only startup and error messages, 5 includes every transaction with the server, and 14 is extremely verbose information intended for debugging use only. NOTE: 15 and higher create debug files on your filesystem — do not use unless you know what you are doing. The default is 5.
<B>identityB> Specify an identify file to use for storing a newly registered identity during razor-admin(1). For razor-report(1) and razor-revoke(1), use this identity when authenticating with Razor Servers. If not specified, <razorhome>/identity-<user> is used.
<B>listfile_nominationB> File where Razor Nomination Servers are listed, in order of closest TCP ping time. Nomination Servers are used by razor-report(1) and razor-revoke(1). This file is created automatically. The default is servers.nomination.lst.
<B>listfile_catalogueB> File where Razor Catalogue Servers are listed, in order of closest TCP ping time. Catalogue Servers are used by razor-check(1). This file is created automatically. The default is servers.catalogue.lst.
<B>listfile_discoveryB> File where Razor Discovery Servers are listed, in random order. This file is created automatically using DNS. The default is servers.discovery.lst.
<B>rediscovery_wait_dnsB> Max time in seconds Razor Agents will wait before computing a new listfile_discovery using DNS. The default is 604800, which is 7 days.
<B>rediscovery_waitB> Max time in seconds Razor Agents will wait before computing a new listfile_nomination and a new listfile_catalogue. The default is 172800, which is 2 days.
<B>turn_off_discoveryB> Turns off closest host discovery. When set to 1, listfile_catalogue and listfile_nomination will not be updated and listfile_discovery is not read or updated. The default is 0.
<B>ignorelistB> Automatically ignore mailing list posts. If set to 0, mailing list posts will be handled like all other mail. The default is 0.
<B>whitelistB> Name of whitelist file. Razor Agents can consult a whitelist of addresses and SHA1 hashes before checking a mail with Razor Servers. If the address/hash is found on the whitelist, the mail is marked ‘not spam’, without checking against the server. The format of the whitelist can be found in razor-whitelist(5) manpage. The default is razor-whitelist.
<B>min_cfB> When checking spam, the server optionally returns a spam confidence value ranging from 0 (not confident) to 100 (absolutely or 100% confident). To be considered spam, the server’s spam confidence value must be greater than or equal to min_cf. min_cf can be a number or an expression containing ac, the average confidence published by a Razor Server. Examples: 0, 60, 100, ac, ac + 10, ac - 20. If an expression evaluates to less than 0 it becomes 0, likewise those greater than 100 become 100. The default is ac.
<B>report_headersB> When reporting spam, the entire email (headers and body) is sent to a Razor Nomination Server. When set to 0, all the headers are removed except headers beginning with Content- before sending, and a special header beginning with X-Razor2 is added to note this action. The default is 1.


Vipul Ved Prakash, <> and Chad Norwood <>


razor-agents(1), razor-check(1), razor-admin(1), razor-report(1), razor-revoke(1), razor-whitelist(5)
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