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Manual Reference Pages  -  UNIEJECT.CONF (5)

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unieject.conf - Configuration file for unieject(1) tool





The \FCunieject.conf\F[] file is the configuration file for unieject(1) command, with the defaults used when it's called without particular options which overrides it.

File Format

The file is a simple unix (or ini) style configuration file, without sections and with options and values set in the form

name = value

Comments are started by #, everything standing after that character in a line is considered a comment.


device = path

The device to eject if none is specified on the command line. This does override EJECT environment variable.

verbosity = -1 | 0 | 1

This option allow to choose the default verbosity. If set to 1, it would be like always using --verbose on command line, while if set to -1 it would be like always using --quiet. The default verbosity (0) only outputs errors.

unmount = bool

If set to true, this will invoke unmounting of the device when it's mounted. If set to false, mounted devices cannot be ejected.

force = bool

If unmount is set to true, this option allows to choose if to force the unmount when the device is still in use.

respect-capabilities = bool

If set to true (the default), unieject will respect the capabilities returned by the device, otherwise it will try to eject also if the drive states not to support eject.

unmount-wrapper = command

This setting can be used when, to unmount a device, you need to launch a wrapper script, instead of using library functions (for example when unieject command is not setuid or doesn't have POSIX capabilities set).

accessmethod = string

Defines the access method to use for CDIO CD-Rom access. This depends on the platform and should never be changed if you don't know what is used for. See also libcdio documentation for the available access methods for your platform.

debugcdio = integer

This option sets the informative output level of CDIO library. 0 is the full debug output level. See also libcdio documentation for the available values.

See Also

unieject(1), unieject.conf.sample


Diego E. Pettenò <>



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