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Manual Reference Pages  -  TORNADO (6)


tornado - clone of the original C64 game.




tornado [--connect IP|--demo|--help|--server|--version]


The object of the game tornado is to destroy your opponents house with the powers of rain, snow, hail, lightning and the tornado.

After the game is started the two player enter their names. If you leave the field blank the computer will take the player’s part. You can see two houses with each player name in the corner below it and a cloud on top of the screen, the sky. The player whose turn it is has an asterisk * next to his name.

From the menu in the center of the screen each player now picks a weather phenomenon. A second box will appear where you can enter the aim you would like to use. You may have noticed the value Windspeed in the mid bottom of the screen by now. Ideally you would take aim 2 if windspeed is -2 for example and then your rain/hail/snow/tornado would go straight down the cloud. However, it’s chosen randomly if the rain appears on the left side of the cloud or the right side, so aiming might be not that easy as it looks like.

If you hit your opponent’s house (or your own) the percentage counter will decrease depending on how much damage you did. If the counter is down to 0% the player loses the game.

The keys you can use in the game are:
s selects snow
  Snow is a defensive weapon. If you hit a house with snow it creates a coating that hail cannot destroy. Only rain can be used to destroy that layer of snow. Lightning and tornado are not effected.
r selects rain
  Destroys one row of the house. Can be used to melt a row of snow.
h selects hail
  This will destroy two rows of the house, but cannot destroy a snow coating.
l selects lightning
  Splits the house into two pieces. Not influenced by wind.
t selects tornado
  Not as effective as lightning but the tornado goes straight to the bottom of the house as well.
q quits the game
o show the highscores
c show current player scores


You can start the game with the following command line options:

--connect IP, The game will connect to the server with the given host (IP or hostname).

--demo, Self running demo mode.

--help, Short help screen.

--server, Starts the game in server mode and waits for a connecting client.

--version, Shows the program version and exits.








When you run the game in network mode you should have the same game versions on client and server side. Versions prior 1.0pre4 won’t work at all due to the lack of network capability. The game will start with different versions, but it will probably crash at any time, if there are too many differences in the two versions.

The Tornado game server runs on port 3000 TCP. (defined in main.c)


Destroying your own house will increase your score as well. :^)


Oliver Feiler <>
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Games TORNADO (6) 31 January 2002

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