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Manual Reference Pages  -  VICE-SETUP (8)


Vice-setup setup a Coda server


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Vice-setup is the user front-end to a family of scripts designed to setup a Coda server based on question-answer responses. This avoids an otherwise tedious and error-prone-manual method. The most critical question asked for the vice-setup family of scripts to work properly is:

Is this the master server, aka the SCM machine? (y/n)

Answering ‘‘yes’’ to this question causes the following sequence of scripts to be called from within vice-setup:





where as answering ‘‘no’’ causes only the following scripts to run from vice-setup:





is designed to be called directly by the administrator to setup a server. It performs the following tasks common to both SCM and non-SCM servers:

Creates the directories, /vice,/vice/{backup,db,srv,vol} and, /vice/vol/remote if they do not already exist.

Creates and sets up the authentication files needed for interserver and interclient communication.

Creates and sets up, /vice/db/files, which are a set of common Coda files distributed from the SCM via, updateclnt, and updatesrv.

Adds Coda port numbers to, /etc/services if not already present.

Sets up the Coda server to start at system startup if so indicated.

Records the hostname in, /vice/hostname.


This script is only run if ‘‘yes’’ is given as an answer to the SCM question.

Prompts for a Coda server ID in the range of 0-255, and creates the file, /vice/db/servers, with this information.

Creates, /vice/db/scm, with the hostname of the SCM machine being setup.

Creates, /vice/db/VSGDB, with the root volume number ‘‘E0000100’’.

Prompts for the name of the root volume and stores this information in, /vice/db/ROOTVOLUME.


This script is only run by, vice-setup, when the machine is designated as the SCM.

This sets up the System:Administrator group and Coda user ‘‘admin’’ then initializes, /vice/db/vice.pdb.

Creates, /vice/db/passwd.coda, needed to setup the initial password system.

Creates, /vice/db/

Prompts for the RVM_LOG device.

Prompts for the size of the RVM_LOG device.

Prompts for the RVM_DATA device.

Prompts for the RVM_DATA size based on default values. These values must be typed exactly right to be accepted. For example, 22M must be typed exactly as, "22M".

Initializes the RVM_LOG and RVM_DATA devices based on the values given for RVM initialization.

Creates, /vice/srv.conf, with the values given for RVM.

This script sets up the data storage area for a Coda service.

Prompts for the location a data storage area (default is, /vicepa).

Creates the empty file, /vicepa/FTREEDB, which must exist in order for, makeftree, to function.

Creates, /vice/db/vicetab.

Initializes the data storage area with, makeftree.

For a detailed explanation of each question asked by the scripts, please see the chapter, ‘‘Installing a Coda Server’’ in the Coda Manual.


Many of the highlights are:

Vice-setup-scm: does not actually create the ROOTVOLUME it prompts for. It only sets up the accounting files that point the server(s) to the root volume. The actual volume must be created after the server is started for the first time with, createvol_rep.

Vice-setup-rvm: will not warn you if run a second time after setting up an otherwise working server. This essentially causes all data stored on the Coda server in question to be wiped out.

Vice-setup-user: there is no flexibility in setting up an administrative user called anything other than ‘‘admin’’.

Vice-setup-user: there is a security hole in, initpw, that could allow unauthorized Coda ‘‘admin’’ access and/or denial of service if an unauthorized user gains root access to the SCM.

Vice-setup-user: a user ‘‘admin’’ with a uid of 500 must exist on each client that needs to have admin access to Coda. There is no practical way to test for this. The hardcoding of uid 500 may cause additional trouble at some sites.

Vice-setup-rvm: will add entries to, /vice/srv.conf, each time it is run without removing the previous contents. If more than one line of server information is present in, srv.conf, a ‘‘multiple instance error’’ is returned by, srv, because multiple lines in, srv.conf, are treated as a single set of command line arguments to srv. Essentially, the resulting error is made sufficiently out of context and is difficult to detect.

Vice-setup: does not determine the host IP address.

Error messages returned by the scripts or the programs called from within the scripts do not jump out and bark at you. Instead, errors are easily missed while running the scripts and these errors tend to come back and bite you later.

If a non-SCM server is being setup, you still must respond with tokens to, vice-setup, when asked. However, the response must be identical to the SCM or the ticket files must be copied from the SCM manually for interserver communication to work correctly.

auth2, updateclnt and updatesrv must be started manually on a non-SCM to suck down the real versions of these files from the actual SCM. This error in logic can be misleading.

On non-SCM Servers, the following files on the SCM must be edited or copied from the SCM manually before running: vice-setup:



to complete the setup of a non-SCM server.


/vice/db/vicetab: the Vice Table Configuration file for srv.

/vice/vol/VolumeList: volumeList of the server.

/vice/db/scm: the SCM hostname.

/vice/hostname: the host’s hostname.

/vice/srv.conf: the srv configuration file.






And many more files are touched by these scripts than are listed here.


srv(8), rvmutl(8), rdsinit(8), auth2(8), authmom(8), updatemon(8), updatesrv(8), updateclnt(8), startserver(8), srv.conf(8), createvol_rep(8), pwd2pdb(8), initpw(8), makeftree(8), vicetab(5)

Coda Manual: ‘‘Installing A Coda Server’’

The RVM Manual


Henry M. Pierce, 1998, created

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