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Manual Reference Pages  -  NORTON (8)


norton - Coda File System RVM debugger




norton RVM_log RVM_data RVM_data_length


norton is a utility program that allows you to display Coda file server structures that are stored in RVM. Eventually, norton will be a full special purpose debugger that allows you to manipulate the structures as well. nortons command interface uses the gnu readline library which features Emacs style command editting as well as maintaining a command history. Command completion is also supported by using <tab> and <esc>-?.

The available commands are:
show directory volid vnum uniqifier
  Lists the contents of the directory indicated by volid.vnum.uniqifier. Each entries vnode number and uniquifier are also listed.
delete name volid vnum uniqifier file flag
  Remove file from the directory specified by volid.vnode.uniqifier. If flag is nonzero the linkcount of the directory is reduced by one.

NOTE: delete name does not do anything to the vnodes associated with file, you must remove the vnodes by hand or update their link count.

delete volume volid
  Mark a volume with a "destroyme" flag, so that the salvager will destroy it on the next server startup.
rename volume name|volid newname
  Rename a volume replica.
examine addr len
  Print len bytes starting from addr in hex and ascii.
list volumes
  Display a list of all the volumes on the server. This list includes the volume index, name, number, and type.
show free large | small
  Display all of the vnodes on either the large or small free vnode list.
show heap
  Display RVM heap usage.
show index volname | volid
  Display the RVM index of the given volume name or number.
show vnode volid vnode | ? uniqifier
  Show the specified vnode. If an ? is given rather than a vnode number, all of the volumes vnode lists are searched for a vnode with a matching uniquifier.
show volume volname | volid
  Show a summary of the specified volume.
show volumedetails volname | volid
  Show all of the RVM state of the specified volume.
create name parent_volid parent_vnode parent_uniqifier name child_vnode child_uniqifier
  Insert a vnode in a directory. The parent fid gives the directory in which name is to be inserted. The child fid refers to the child vnode. The link count of the directory is increased if the child is a directory vnode.
x addr len
  Print len bytes starting from addr in hex and ascii. An alias for examine.


o Joshua Raiff, 1995, Created
o Peter Braam, 1997, new features

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Coda Distributed File System NORTON (8) 25 April 2005

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