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Manual Reference Pages  -  VENUS (8)


venus - Coda client cache manager




venus [ -k kernel device ] [ -cf cache files ] [ -c cache blocks ] [ -mles CML entries ] [ -d debuglevel ] [ -rpcdebug rpc2 debuglevel ] [ -f cache directory ] [ -m COP modes ] [ -console console file ] [ -retries RPC2 retries ] [ -timeout RPC2 timeout ] [ -ws SFTP window size ] [ -sa SFTP sendahead ] [ -ap SFTP ackpoint ] [ -init ] [ -hdbes hoard entries ] [ -rvmt RVM type ] [ -maxprefetchers fetch threads ] [ -maxworkers worker threads ] [ -maxcbservers callback threads ] [ -vld RVM log device ] [ -vlds RVM log size ] [ -vdd RVM data device ] [ -vdds RVM data size ] [ -rdscs RVM data chunk size ] [ -rdsnl RVM data nr lists ] [ -logopts 0 | 1 ] [ -swt weight ] [ -mwt weight ] [ -ssf scale factor ]


venus manages a cache of files and directories for a client workstation. It has a host of parameters and configuration options. Default values of everything are compiled into venus. Some of these are overridden by the values in the venus.conf file, provided that it exists. Both default and venus.conf values may be overridden with command-line arguments. Venus must be run as root.

The command-line options are:
-k Take kernel device to be the device for kernel/venus communication.

Default: /dev/cfs0

-cf Limit the size of the file cache to cache files entries.
-c Limit the size of the file cache to cache blocks 1K blocks.
-mles Number of Client Modification Log entries.
-vols Limit the size of the volume cache to volumes entries.
-vsgs Limit the size of the VSG cache to vsgs entries.
-d Initialize the debug level to debug level.

Default: 0

-f Take cache directory to be the directory for the file, volume, and VSG caches. On some platforms venus garbage collects any files it doesnt recognize in the cache directory so use caution when supplying this argument.

Venus will create the directory if it doesnt already exist. The directory should have mode bits of rwx------ to protect the cache from malicious local users.

Default: /usr/coda/venus.cache

-m Controls what Coda Optimistic Protocol (COP) options are enabled. COP modes is interpreted according to the following bit-mask: [ PIGGYCOP2 | ASYNCCOP2 | ASYNCCOP1 ]. Only some combinations are legal.

Default: [ PIGGYCOP2 | ASYNCCOP2 ]

  Redirects console messages to console file.

Default: /dev/console

  Sets the number of RPC2 retries to RPC2 retries.

Default: 5

  Sets the RPC2 timeout period to RPC2 timeout seconds.

Default: 15

-ws Sets the SFTP window size to SFTP window size packets.

Default: 8

-sa Sets the SFTP send ahead to SFTP send ahead packets.

Default: 4

-ap Sets the SFTP ack point to SFTP ack point packets.

Default: 4

-init Initializes (i.e., clears) file, volume, and VSG caches.
-hdbes Number of hoard database entries.
-rvmt Media that RVM resides on. Meaningful values are: 2 (use a file to persistently back RVM memory) and 3 (do not use a file as RVM backing store, no persistency).
  Maximum number of threads doing prefetch ioctls.
  Number of worker threads.
  Number of callback server threads.
-vld Location of the venus log file or partition.

Default: /usr/coda/LOG

-vlds Size of the log file or partition.
-vdd Location of the venus data file or partition.

Default: /usr/coda/DATA

-vdds Size of the data file or partition.
-rdscs Specify RDS chunk size.
-rdsnl Number of RDS nlists.
  Turn on log optimization.
-swt Short term cache priority weight.
-mwt Medium term cache priority weight.
-ssf Short term cache scale factor.

Default: /coda


Venus writes debugging information into the file cache directory/venus.log. The verbosity of this output is controlled by the debug level parameter. High priority messages are also written to the console (which may be redirected with the console option at start-up). Fatal errors will cause the internal state of venus to be dumped to the log file, and a core file to be left in cache directory/core.

Venus writes its process id into the file cache directory/pid. The vutil(8) program reads the pid file and dynamically alter Venus behavior by sending signals to it.

Venus may be unable to unmount itself cleanly when it exits. Usually this is due to processes which have references to vnodes in the Coda namespace (e.g., a process is cd’ed somewhere in Coda). Once these references are released, /coda can be unmounted.


venus.conf, vutil(8)


o Jay Kistler, 1990, Created
o Joshua Raiff, 1993, Documented added switches

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Coda Distributed File System VENUS (8) 25 April 2005

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