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Manual Reference Pages  -  ASTRO::ADS (3)

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Astro::ADS - An object orientated interface to NASA’s ADS database



This module does nothing, and is here as a placeholder in case of need. The user interface to the goodness wrapped in the ADS package can be found in the Astro::ADS::Query module.


<B>NOTE:B> The API for the ADS is changing and the current interface will disappear. This will be the final revision of this version of Astro::ADS. The new API (described at <> ) will be implemented as version 2.0 sometime in 2015.

$Id:,v 1.26 2014/06/15 bjd Exp $ $Id:,v 1.25 2013/08/06 bjd Exp $ $Id:,v 1.3 2004/01/28 09:04:42 aa Exp $


The Astro::ADS module itself has no methods, and is just a placeholder module, see Astro::ADS::Query for the actual interface.


Copyright (C) 2001-2003 University of Exeter. All Rights Reserved.

This program was written as part of the eSTAR project and is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Public License.


Alasdair Allan <>,


Followup queries using default URL When an <B>Astro::ADS::QueryB> object has set the url to a non-default server, the <B>Astro::ADS::Result::PaperB> objects it returns use the default URL in the <B>referencesB>, <B>citationsB>, <B>alsoreadB> and <B>tableofcontentsB> methods. This is likely not what you want if you are doing a lot of followup queries.

You can re-use the original query with the followup method or use v1.21.0 or above which turns the URL from an object variable to a class variable.


Document issues with ADS mirrors, proxy() and $ENV{HTTP_PROXY} Explain the preference to set the class variable using the ads_mirror() method in Astro::ADS::Query at the top of the script so that followup queries go to the expected place. *NB* Also note that the proxy() method is only affects one query object and the user agent looks at the environment variables HTTP_PROXY and NO_PROXY to the exclusion of almost all else. Once again, set $ENV{HTTP_PROXY} at the top of your script for least confusion.
Fix followup queries on <B>alsoreadB> and <B>tableofcontentsB> Followups are new query objects, so there are issues with alsoread and tableofcontents. No one has noticed yet and I don’t have time to fix it.
Tweak make to prompt for default ADS mirror This is a good idea, but fiddly to implement. Prompt the user for one of the ADS mirrors during the installation and write it into Astro::ADS::Query to save setting it at the beginning of each script
Error 500: handle network failures gracefully. Return undef instead of die()ing.
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