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GRI_MERGE(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual GRI_MERGE(1)

gri_merge - merge multiple Gri output files into a single PostScript file.

gri_merge [OPTIONS] CxR ... >

Merges the files onto one page, in 'C' columns and 'R' rows. The CxR files are given in the order of words on a page. The page is presumed to be 8.5x11in in size, as are all the input files, and the input files are sized to fit, and kept in natural scale.

gri_merge [OPTIONS] xcm ycm enlarge [ ...] >

Where `enlarge' is a scale factor applied after offsetting `xcm' to the right and `ycm' upward.

The following
gri_merge 2 12 .5 \
12 12 .5 \
2 2 .5 \
12 2 .5 >

produces 4 panels from gri plots done using margins and sizes as specified in the following lines in a gri commandfile

set x margin 2

set x size 15

set y margin 2

set y size 15

The OPTIONS, available if your 'perl' has 'getopts' library, are:

-u graylevel -- set graylevel for underlay beneath panels, by default 0.75.

Values range from 0 (black) to 1 (white), although a value of precisely 1 means do NOT draw underlay.

-b graylevel -- Set value for background under individual panels, again 0

for black to 1 for white, with 1 meaning no drawing.
-- Print this help message and quit.

gri(1), gri_unpage(1)
2009 gri_merge

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