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NSPMOD(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual NSPMOD(1)

nspmod - No Signal Processor MOD Player

nspmod [ options] modfile

Nspmod is a MOD (Protracker module and some of its extensions) / S3M (Scream Tracker 3 module) / MTM (Multitracker module) music player.

-c channelNum
Play only the channel. The lowest channel number is zero.
Show events (notes to be played).
-f hz
Output sample rate. The default is 44100.
Show sample info.
-l n
Limit repeating. Quits playing the song when a ord is reached more than n times. Zero means infinity. The default is zero.
Force mono.
-o n
Oversampling factor. Instruments in MODs are normally sampled with 8363Hz at C4. Nspmod oversamples them to get more-than- nkHz sample rate at C4. The default is output sample rate in kHz. Larger values get better result generally, but consumes more memory. Smaller values to skip oversampling and play quickly.
Repeat the song. The song's end continues to the ord zero.
-s ord
Start from the ord. The default is zero.
-v vol
Master volume. The default is 48. S3Ms ignore this because they have their own values. But you can force this by setting a negative value.

Toru Egashira (

No range check is done for option values.
17 September 1995 Version 0.1

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