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XFREERDP1(1) xfreerdp1 XFREERDP1(1)

xfreerdp1 - FreeRDP X11 client

xfreerdp1 [file] [options] [/v:server[:port]]

xfreerdp1 is an X11 Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client which is part of the FreeRDP project. An RDP server is built-in to many editions of Windows. Alternative servers included xrdp and VRDP (VirtualBox).

/v <server>[:port]
/port <number>
/w <width>
/h <height>
/size <width>x<height> or <percent>%
<width>x<height> or <percent>%
/bpp <depth>
/kbd 0x<layout id> or <layout name>
0x<layout id> or <layout name>
/kbd-type <type id>
<type id>
/kbd-subtype <subtype id>
<subtype id>
/kbd-fn-key <function key count>
<function key count>
/pth <password hash>
<password hash>
/client-hostname <name>
/monitors <0,1,2...>
/t <title>
/a (null)
/vc (null)
/dvc (null)
/u [<domain>\]<user> or <user>[@<domain>]
[<domain>\]<user> or <user>[@<domain>]
/p <password>
/d <domain>
/gu [<domain>\]<user> or <user>[@<domain>]
[<domain>\]<user> or <user>[@<domain>]
/gp <password>
/gd <domain>
/gateway-usage-method <direct|detect>
/load-balance-info <info string>
<info string>
/app <executable path> or <||alias>
<executable path> or <||alias>
/app-name <app name>
<app name>
/app-icon <icon path>
<icon path>
/app-cmd <parameters>
/app-file <file name>
<file name>
/app-guid <app guid>
<app guid>
/compression-level <level>
/shell (null)
/shell-dir (null)
/audio-mode (null)
/network (null)
/drive (null)
/usb (null)
/gdi <sw|hw>
/rfx-mode <image|video>
/frame-ack <number>
/jpeg-quality <percentage>
/sec <rdp|tls|nla|ext>
/tls-ciphers (null)
/cert-name <name>
/pcb <blob>
/pcid <id>
/spn-class <service class>
<service class>
/parent-window <window id>
<window id>
/codec-cache <rfx|nsc|jpeg>
/wm-class <class name>
<class name>
/play-rfx <pcap file>
<pcap file>
/reconnect-cookie <base64 cookie>
<base64 cookie>
/assistance <password>

xfreerdp connection.rdp /p:Pwd123! /f
Connect in fullscreen mode using a stored configuration connection.rdp and the password Pwd123!
xfreerdp /u:CONTOSO\\JohnDoe /p:Pwd123! /
Connect to host with user CONTOSO\\JohnDoe and password Pwd123!
xfreerdp /u:JohnDoe /p:Pwd123! /w:1366 /h:768 /v:
Connect to host on port 4489 with user JohnDoe, password Pwd123!. The screen width is set to 1366 and the height to 768
xfreerdp /u:JohnDoe /p:Pwd123! /vmconnect:C824F53E-95D2-46C6-9A18-23A5BB403532 /v:192.168. 1.100
Establish a connection to host with user JohnDoe, password Pwd123! and connect to Hyper-V console (use port 2179, disable negotiation) with VMID C824F53E-95D2-46C6-9A18-23A5BB403532
Activate clipboard redirection
Activate drive redirection of /home/user as home drive
Activate smartcard redirection for device device
Activate printer redirection for printer device using driver driver
Activate serial port redirection for port device
Activate parallel port redirection for port device
Activate audio output redirection using device sys:alsa
Activate audio input redirection using device sys:alsa
Activate multimedia redirection using device sys:alsa
Activate USB device redirection for the device identified by 054c:0268

The FreeRDP Team
2019-01-01 freerdp

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