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XMINESWEEP(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual XMINESWEEP(1)

xminesweep - A mine-sweeper game.

xminesweep [ toolkit options ] [ -mines <num> ] [ -ncH <numHigh> ] [ -ncW <numWide> ] [ -sound ] [ -nosound ]
where <num> is the number of mines in the playing field. <numHigh> is the number of squares high. <numWide> is the number of squares wide. -sound turns sound on. -nosound turns sound off.

xminesweep will start up with a window full of cells. clicking on one with the left mouse button will 'expose' it (and if there is a mine there you will die!). Clicking in a cell with the right mouse button will either mark or unmark it as a 'Mine'. If you click in the cell with the middle mouse button you can toggle a 'questioned' image, you can expose and mark a questioned cell. There is also a fast expose feature, clicking on an exposed number with the left mouse button and holding down the shift key will, if there are the correct number of cells marked, expose all unmarked squares. Be warned the if you mark the wrong cells you could expose a mine and die!
The object is to mark all the mines in the playing field. When a 'Cell' is exposed, and it is not a mine, it will contain a number - this number is the number of mines in the eight Cells around it (blank = zero).
If you miss a mine (mark a square that is not a mine), and then the mine count gets to zero, you will loose because you got one wrong!.

There are two buttons in the top part of the window, one will make xminesweep exit, the other will restart the current game (and rearrange the mines).
There is also a text box which displays the number of mines in the playing field, you can change the value in this and then press [Enter] and the game will restart with the new number of mines. (nothing will happen of the number is the same). There is a limited range for the number of mines, it is between 1 and (DEFAULT_NUM_MINES/3).
When you die, all the Cells will be exposed, any mines that you marked will be shown with the marked image, any Cells that you marked but are not mines will be shown with the wrong-mark image, and any unmarked mines will be shown as mines.
There is a cheat option that can be set at compile time. It will give you a good start by finding a cell with no mines surounding it an pretend that you clicked on it to expose it. If you keep doing this you will get all the cells with no mines around exposed and a realy good start. The default key sequence to use this cheat is "<Control> <Shift> C", where the <Control> and <Shift> keys are held down and the C key is pressed twice. (like a double mouse click). This must be done with the mouse over one of the cells.
xminesweep will take all the normal Athena Widget toolkit options it is given.

xminesweep will accept these special resources:
XMinesweep*sound: [True or False]
They correspond to the command line options -mines, -ncH, -ncW and -[no]sound.

Ashley Roll --
11 November 1992

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