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QwtSlider(3) Qwt User's Guide QwtSlider(3)

QwtSlider -

#include <qwt_slider.h>
Inherits QwtAbstractSlider, and QwtAbstractScale.

enum BGSTYLE { BgTrough = 0x1, BgSlot = 0x2, BgBoth = BgTrough | BgSlot }
enum ScalePos { NoScale, LeftScale, RightScale, TopScale, BottomScale }

QwtSlider (QWidget *parent, Qt::Orientation=Qt::Horizontal, ScalePos=NoScale, BGSTYLE bgStyle=BgTrough)
BGSTYLE bgStyle () const
int borderWidth () const
virtual QSize minimumSizeHint () const
const QwtScaleDraw * scaleDraw () const
ScalePos scalePosition () const
void setBgStyle (BGSTYLE)
void setBorderWidth (int bw)
void setMargins (int x, int y)
virtual void setOrientation (Qt::Orientation)
void setScaleDraw (QwtScaleDraw *)
void setScalePosition (ScalePos s)
void setThumbLength (int l)
void setThumbWidth (int w)
virtual QSize sizeHint () const
int thumbLength () const
int thumbWidth () const

void draw (QPainter *p, const QRect &update_rect)
virtual void drawSlider (QPainter *p, const QRect &r)
virtual void drawThumb (QPainter *p, const QRect &, int pos)
virtual void fontChange (const QFont &oldFont)
virtual void getScrollMode (const QPoint &p, int &scrollMode, int &direction)
virtual double getValue (const QPoint &p)
void layoutSlider (bool update=true)
virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e)
virtual void rangeChange ()
virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *e)
virtual void scaleChange ()
QwtScaleDraw * scaleDraw ()
virtual void valueChange ()
int xyPosition (double v) const

The Slider Widget.
QwtSlider is a slider widget which operates on an interval of type double. QwtSlider supports different layouts as well as a scale.
See also:
QwtAbstractSlider and QwtAbstractScale for the descriptions of the inherited members.

Background style.
See also:

Scale position. QwtSlider tries to enforce valid combinations of its orientation and scale position:
Qt::Horizonal combines with NoScale, TopScale and BottomScale
Qt::Vertical combines with NoScale, LeftScale and RightScale
See also:

Constructor. Parameters:
parent parent widget
orientation Orientation of the slider. Can be Qt::Horizontal or Qt::Vertical. Defaults to Qt::Horizontal.
scalePos Position of the scale. Defaults to QwtSlider::NoScale.
bgStyle Background style. QwtSlider::BgTrough draws the slider button in a trough, QwtSlider::BgSlot draws a slot underneath the button. An or-combination of both may also be used. The default is QwtSlider::BgTrough.
QwtSlider enforces valid combinations of its orientation and scale position. If the combination is invalid, the scale position will be set to NoScale. Valid combinations are:
Qt::Horizonal with NoScale, TopScale, or BottomScale;
Qt::Vertical with NoScale, LeftScale, or RightScale.

the background style.

the border width.

Draw the slider into the specified rectangle.
painter Painter
r Rectangle

Draw the thumb at a position
painter Painter
sliderRect Bounding rectangle of the slider
pos Position of the slider thumb

Determine scrolling mode and direction. Parameters:
p point
scrollMode Scrolling mode
direction Direction
Implements QwtAbstractSlider.

Determine the value corresponding to a specified mouse location.
pos Mouse position
Implements QwtAbstractSlider.

Recalculate the slider's geometry and layout based on the current rect and fonts.
update_geometry notify the layout system and call update to redraw the scale

Return a minimum size hint. Warning:
The return value of QwtSlider::minimumSizeHint() depends on the font and the scale.

Qt paint event
event Paint event

the scale draw of the slider
See also:

the scale draw of the slider
See also:

Set the background style.

Change the slider's border width. Parameters:
bd border width

Set distances between the widget's border and internals. Parameters:
xMargin Horizontal margin
yMargin Vertical margin

Set the orientation. Parameters:
o Orientation. Allowed values are Qt::Horizontal and Qt::Vertical.
If the new orientation and the old scale position are an invalid combination, the scale position will be set to QwtSlider::NoScale.
See also:
Reimplemented from QwtAbstractSlider.

Set a scale draw. For changing the labels of the scales, it is necessary to derive from QwtScaleDraw and overload QwtScaleDraw::label().
scaleDraw ScaleDraw object, that has to be created with new and will be deleted in ~QwtSlider or the next call of setScaleDraw().

Change the scale position (and slider orientation). Parameters:
s Position of the scale.
A valid combination of scale position and orientation is enforced:
if the new scale position is Left or Right, the scale orientation will become Qt::Vertical;
if the new scale position is Bottom or Top the scale orientation will become Qt::Horizontal;
if the new scale position is QwtSlider::NoScale, the scale orientation will not change.

Set the slider's thumb length. Parameters:
thumbLength new length

Change the width of the thumb. Parameters:
w new width


the thumb length.

the thumb width.

Find the x/y position for a given value v
value Value

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