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BURPLEX(7) FreeBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual BURPLEX(7)



This program is intended for photographers who copy images from their memory cards to their home directory. The photographer may browse the directory structure and quickly review the images, marking selects or other purposes such as preview images with a model, for example. Selects are stored in a file which may be used for batch process scripting. Burplex will display images stored in RAW, JPEG, or PPM format.
Note: check 'file' (/usr/bin/file) command output for your raw identifier. Output should match the string 'raw image data'. If not, then you may wish to update the corresponding line in the code below.
The tree may be navigated with the mouse, or the up and down arrow keys. To select a photo, press the Insert key. If you prefer a different key, see the instructions below.
When a select is made, the file '.selects', located in the same directory as the image, is updated and saved. Pressing the Insert key a second time will remove the select status, and update the '.selects' file (removing the image).
The '.selects' file is useful for batch process scripting.
Example 1: (bash, copy to 'sav' directory)
# while read -r line; do cp $line sav/; done < ".selects"
Example 2: (bash, ImageMagick convert to resize)
# while read -r line; do convert -size 1200x1200 -scale 1200x1200 -density 120 -quality 90 $line sav/$line; done < ".selects"
Note: star.png is stored in images/star.png in the source distribution. It is specified in the burplex.rc RCC Resource File.

Manual page by Waitman Gobble
13 September 2012 Burplex version 1.0.0

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