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SCROLLKEEPER(7) FreeBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual SCROLLKEEPER(7)

ScrollKeeper - An open document cataloging and metadata management system.

ScrollKeeper is a system for managing document metadata. Its primary function is to act as a card catalog for documents, keeping track of what documents are available, where they can be found, and various attributes of the documents such as their language, format, subject, version, and position in a contents list. It also manages other metadata such as document indices.
ScrollKeeper acts as a middle layer between applications and help browsers. When applications install documentation, the documentation is registered with ScrollKeeper. Any ScrollKeeper-aware help browser on the system can then access this information. In this way, ScrollKeeper is a compatibility layer which allows any help browser to interface to all the documentation on a system, provided the package which ships the documentation registers it with ScrollKeeper. It also removes much of the burden from application packagers and help browser developers by providing a standard set of tools and by doing much of the work inside of ScrollKeeper.

The ScrollKeeper web pages can be found at and the mailing list can be found at

ScrollKeeper is licensed under the GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL). A copy of this license can be read in the file COPYING shipped with ScrollKeeper.
The latest version of ScrollKeeper can be found at


Laszlo Kovacs <>
Dan Mueth <>

scrollkeeper-config(1), scrollkeeper-gen-seriesid(1), scrollkeeper.conf(5), scrollkeeper-preinstall(8), scrollkeeper-rebuilddb(8) scrollkeeper-update(8)
December 5, 2001 scrollkeeper

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