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Manual Reference Pages  -  CSWC (1)


cswc - CScout workspace compiler




cswc [-vE] [-d directory] [file]


cswc is a workspace compiler for the CScout C source code analyzer and refactoring browser. CScout integrates in a single process the functionality of a multi-project build engine, an ANSI C preprocessor, and the parts of a C compiler up to and including the semantic analysis based on types. The build engine functionality is required to allow the user to process multiple compilation and link units as a single batch. Only thus can CScout detect dependencies across different files and projects. Each compilation unit can reside in a different directory and can require processing using different macro definitions or a different include file path. In a normal build process these options are typically specified in a Makefile. The CScout operation is similarly guided by a declarative workspace definition file. To decouple the complexity of the CScout workspace processing specification from its actual operation, and to encouriage experimentation with alternative (e.g. IDE-based) workspace specification mechanisms, CScout is guided by a very simple imperative script typically generated from more sophisticated workspace definitions by cswc, the CScout workspace compiler.

This manual page describes the cswc invocation and command-line options. Details about its input and output formats, setup, and configuration can be found in the online hypertext documentation and at the project’s home page


-E Generate a modified CScout script that will be used by CScout to preprocess the specified file and send the result to the standard output. Note that for this option to work correctly, you need to also specify -E in the CScout invocation.
-d directory Specify the directory to use for locating the CScout configuration files.
-v Display the cswc version and copyright information and exit.


The following is a configuration file used for processing the apache web server.

workspace apache {
    cd "/usr/local/src/apache/src"

ro_prefix "/usr/local/src/apache/src/include/ap_config"

# Global project definitions define HTTPD_ROOT "/usr/local/apache" define SUEXEC_BIN "/usr/local/apache/bin/suexec" define SHARED_CORE_DIR "/usr/local/apache/libexec" define DEFAULT_PIDLOG "logs/" define DEFAULT_SCOREBOARD "logs/httpd.scoreboard" define DEFAULT_LOCKFILE "logs/httpd.lock" define DEFAULT_XFERLOG "logs/access_log" define DEFAULT_ERRORLOG "logs/error_log" define TYPES_CONFIG_FILE "conf/mime.types" define SERVER_CONFIG_FILE "conf/httpd.conf" define ACCESS_CONFIG_FILE "conf/access.conf" define RESOURCE_CONFIG_FILE "conf/srm.conf"

define AUX_CFLAGS define LINUX 22 define USE_HSREGEX define NO_DL_NEEDED

# Give project-specific directory and include path properties project gen_uri_delims { cd "main" ipath "../os/unix" ipath "../include" file gen_uri_delims.c }

# Alternative formulation; specify per-file properties project gen_test_char { file gen_test_char.c { cd "main" ipath "../os/unix" ipath "../include" } }

# httpd executable; specify directory-based properties project httpd { directory main { ipath "../os/unix" ipath "../include" file alloc.c buff.c http_config.c http_core.c file http_log.c http_main.c http_protocol.c file http_request.c http_vhost.c util.c util_date.c file util_script.c util_uri.c util_md5.c rfc1413.c } directory regex { ipath "." ipath "../os/unix" ipath "../include" define POSIX_MISTAKE file regcomp.c regexec.c regerror.c regfree.c } directory os/unix { ipath "../../os/unix" ipath "../../include" file os.c os-inline.c } directory ap { ipath "../os/unix" ipath "../include" file ap_cpystrn.c ap_execve.c ap_fnmatch.c ap_getpass.c file ap_md5c.c ap_signal.c ap_slack.c ap_snprintf.c file ap_sha1.c ap_checkpass.c ap_base64.c ap_ebcdic.c } directory modules/standard { ipath "../../os/unix" ipath "../../include" file mod_env.c mod_log_config.c mod_mime.c file mod_negotiation.c mod_status.c mod_include.c file mod_autoindex.c mod_dir.c mod_cgi.c mod_asis.c file mod_imap.c mod_actions.c mod_userdir.c file mod_alias.c mod_access.c mod_auth.c mod_setenvif.c } directory . { ipath "./os/unix" ipath "./include" file modules.c buildmark.c } } }




(C) Copyright 2003 Diomidis Spinellis.
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--> CSWC (1) 7 July 2003

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