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Technical FAQ

bullet Maintenance
Maintenance of the Virtual Server is done completely by the client. We provide you with full SSH, Telnet and FTP access to your Server. For more information, see our Getting Started section of this site.


bullet Web Site Statistics
Analog There are numerous ways to generate statistics about your web server. You will have full access to your own logs in a combined or separate format (access_log, error_log, referer_log, agent_log). Any software that recognizes these file formats can be used to generate statistics about your web site. We recommend the Analog program because it is very powerful, yet easy to install.


bullet Server Limitations
We do not nickel and dime our customers with additional bandwidth usage charges -- generous capacity is included in the monthly connection fee for Virtual Servers. While we do not offer unlimited bandwidth as Dedicated servers come with up to 25 Gb/s ethernet, we do offer you capacity in excess of the requirements of most Web Sites. Below is a list of the main technical limitations for Virtual Servers.

   VPS A   VPS B   VPS C   VPS v2 A   VPS v2 B   VPS v2 C 
Disk Space Quota  500 MB  1 GB  2 GB   4 GB  6 GB   15 GB 
Simultaneous Process Limit  64  64  96   75  150  375 
Apache Process Limit  10 of 64  20 of 64  40 of 96  Configurable in your httpd.conf
Soft RAM Limit per Process  8 MB  14 MB  36 MB  Governed by "Fair Share" Technology
Hard RAM Limit per Process  12 MB  20 MB  50 MB  Governed by "Fair Share" Technology


bullet CGI Scripts
Each Server comes with it's own unique cgi-bin directory. In fact, since you have complete access to your Virtual Server configuration files, you can create any number of cgi-bin directories on your Virtual Server. You may install any CGI script or program on your Virtual Server that you please.


bullet Scripting Languages
Virtual Servers come with Perl5 (with standard modules) pre-installed. Additional modules can be installed with the vcpan command. Servers also come with g++, TCL/Tk, awk, tcsh, and many other popular UNIX scripting languages and compilers.