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Manual Reference Pages  -  FVWM-THEMES-MENUAPP (1)


fvwm-themes-menuapp - fvwm-themes menus utility



fvwm-themes-menuapp --build-menu or --com-mode or--help or --version [ --site] [ --menu-files [file1,file2,...] ] [ --remove-popup] [ --com-name name]


This script is not a user script. It is used by Fvwm-Themes to do differrent task concerning menu and other related things. This scripts can do the following:

Parse and rebuild FVWM configuration files to build a clean menu from them: application not in the path are removed, certain unuseful sub menus and separator are removed (--build-menus option).

It can work in a locked way and communicate (via fvwm-themes-com) with FvwmScript-Menus or any other programs (--com-mode option). See below for the list of query that you can ask to fvwm-themes-menuapp via fvwm-themes-com.

Plan for the future: use an application data base and parse and build (Mini)Icon Styles.


You must use (only) one of the following four options:

--help - show the help and exit

--version - show the version and exit

--build-menus - Cause fvwm-themes-menuapp to build clean menus.

--com-mode Run fvwm-themes-menuapp under the communication mode.

--menu-files [file1,file2,...] - files which are read and written by fvwm-themes-menuapp. By default, fvwm-themes-menuapp will read $FT_DATADIR/themes/default/menus-programs with the --site option. Without the --site option fvwm-themes-menuapp will read menus-programs and menus-extra (if found) in the fvwm-themes personal dir: $FVWM_USERDIR/themes/personal. If menus-programs is not found in this directory the site’s menus-programs file is used (the one under $FT_DATADIR). Moreover, if menus-extra is not found, a virtual such file is created so that the personal menus can be created (MenuFvwmPersonal) in it.

--site - Change the default for the --menu-files option.

--remove-popup - Remove the sub menu popup that popup empty menu (only useful with --build-menus). In fact only certain sub menu popup are removed.

--com-name name - use name as name for communication with fvwm-themes-com. By default, appmenu is used, but you should use appmenu-pid as name where pid is the pid of the program that want to talk to fvwm-themes-menuapp so that fvwm-themes-menuapp can exit if this program exit and so that fvwm-themes-menuapp can kill the program if an internal error happen in fvwm-themes-menuapp. On the other hand, if you want to talk with fvwm-themes-menuapp in, say, a terminal you must not give an name as menuapp-an_integer as name.


Start fvwm-themes-menuapp as:

        fvwm-themes-menuapp --com-mode [--com-name=menuapp-pid ...]

Then use fvwm-themes-com as:

        fvwm-themes-com --name menuapp[-pid] [--lock-and-get] --message="Command"

where Command is one of the following. All this commands are lock and get but the exit command. A return value of 0 indicate an error.

menus-list - List of the menus.

root-menus-list - List of the root menus.

root-menus i - ith root menu.

menu-items menu_name - List of the items of the menu menu_name.

item menu_name:i - Information on the ith item of the menu menu_name.

remove menu_name:i - Remove the ith item of the menu menu_name.

move-up menu_name:i - Move up the ith item of the menu menu_name.

move-down menu_name:i - Move down the ith item of the menu menu_name.

add-or-edit-item X --it=’menu_name:i’ --t=’type’ --n=’name’ --mi=’menu-icon’
        --wd=’working dir or window title’ where X is either A for add or E for edit, see the code for details :)

selection-items - List of the items in the selection.

add-item-to-selection menu_name:i - Add the ith item of the menu menu_name to the selection.

remove-sel-item i - Remove the ith item of the selection.

remove-all-sel-item - Remove all the selection items.

copy-sel-item menu_name:i:j - Copy the jth item of the selection after the ith item of the menu menu_name.

copy-all-sel menu_name:i - Copy all the selection after the ith item of the menu menu_name.

try - Out put the contents of the files (as soon as possible will run the good fvwm-themes-config command).

save - wrote back the files

exit - Stop fvwm-themes-menuapp.


When fvwm-themes is installed, fvwm-themes-menuapp is run as:

  fvwm-themes-menuapp --site --build-menus --remove-popup

FvwmScript-Menus used (and in fact is based on) fvwm-themes-menuapp. See this FvwmScript script for examples with the com-mode option.


Olivier Chapuis <>, 5 May 2000.


The script is distributed by the same terms as fvwm itself. See GNU General Public License for details.


Report bugs to
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