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Manual Reference Pages  -  IRDISP (1)

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irdisp - combines the two programs showtherm and ir-sgi or ir-X





irdisp is an interactive program that combines the two programs showtherm and ir-sgi or ir-X. Ultimately it can read a temperature output file and display the image on the screen without having the user call two different programs.


The following is an example from an interactive session.

        $ irdisp
        This takes a BRL-CAD mged model with a PRISM
        temperature output file and raytrace and/or
        display it using sgi graphics.  Make your
                0 - raytrace & store file
                1 - raytrace, store, and showtherm file
                2 - showtherm file
        Enter .g file to be raytraced (15 char max).
        Enter the number of groups to be raytraced.
        Enter group 0 (25 char max).

        The program showtherm is now being run.

        Type of output file to be read 0=>PRISM, 1=>generic.                 0         Enter name of the PRISM output file to be read (26 char max).                 veh.prm         Enter the number of regions in the PRISM file, must be more         than eight (not including the background).                 18         Enter name of region # & name file to be read (26 char max).                 veh.f.rnn         Enter name of output file (26 char max).                 veh.dis         Enter the elapsed time to create graphical representation of.                 4         Number of regions (including the background): 19         7/19/1984 7.000000:0.000000         Prism out file read.         Region # & name file opened.         The number of regions read from the output file and the region # & name         file was the same, 18 (does not include background in number).         Building directory.         File: test.veh.g         Database Title: test vehicle for use with irprep programs                 vehicle loaded         The number of regions read from the output         file, the region # & name file, and the .g         file are all equal. The number of regions         read, including the background is 19         Preparation started.

        Minimum & maximum X: -3001.000000 - 3714.000000         Minimum & maximum Y: -1350.000000 - 1350.000000         Minimum & maximum Z: 0.000000 - 2500.000000         Center of bounding sphere: 356.500000, 0.000000, 1250.000000         Radius of bounding sphere: 3829.551456         Enter multiplication factor for radius.                 .75         Enter grid size.                 512         Enter azimuth & elevation.                 35 25         gridsize: 512 x 512         azimuth: 35.000000 degrees         elevation: 25.000000 degrees

        Select display (X or sgi) ->sgi

        The program ir-sgi is now being run. If option         0 or 1 was used when the name of a file is asked         for enter the name of the file that was just         stored.

        Enter name of file to be read (26 char max)                 veh.dis         Indicate color scale to be used.                 0 - gray                 1 - black-blue-cyan-green-yellow-white                 2 - black-blue-magenta-red-yellow-white         0         Print scan line number (0-yes, 1-no)?                 1         Do you wish to create a pix file (0-no, 1-yes)?                 0         Setting color scale - gray scale - set.         Reading file - file read.         Width: 512         Height: 512         Finding min & max.         Minimum: 22.590000         Maximum: 46.830000         Finding pixel bins - pixel bins found.         Setting color for each pixel - colors found.         Press z return to end. z         THE END



firpass(1), secpass(1), shapefact(1), all_sf(1), showtherm(1), ir-X(1), ir-sgi(1), pictx(1), Users Manual for IRPREP (BRL-SP-96), Computer Programs for Generating an Input File for PRISM and Displaying PRISM Results (BRL report in progress)


Susan A. Coates


This software is Copyright (c) 1994-2013 by the United States Government as represented by U.S. Army Research Laboratory.


Reports of bugs or problems should be submitted via electronic mail to <>.

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BRL-CAD IRDISP (1) 04/04/2016

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