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Manual Reference Pages  -  KTUTILMGR (1)


ktutilmgr - command line interface of miscellaneous utilities


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The command ‘ktutilmgr’ is a tool of miscellaneous utilities, and to show the configuration. This command is used in the following format. ‘url’ specifies the target URL. ‘proc’ specifies the name of the procedure to call. ‘name’ and ‘value’ specify a pair of the key and the value of an input parameter. ‘path’ specifies the path of a repository.

ktutilmgr date [-ds str] [-jl num] [-wf] [-rf]
Prints date information. By default, prints the current UNIX time.

ktutilmgr http [-get|-head|-post|-put|-delete] [-body file] [-ah name value] [-qs name value] [-tout num] [-ph] [-ec num] url
Performs an HTTP session.

ktutilmgr rpc [-host str] [-port num] [-tout num] [-ienc str] [-oenc str] proc [name value ...]
Performs an RPC session.

ktutilmgr ulog [-ts num] [-uw] [-uf] path
Prints update logs.

ktutilmgr conf [-v|-i|-l|-p]
Shows the configuration of Kyoto Tycoon.

ktutilmgr version
Shows the version information of Kyoto Tycoon.

Options feature the following.

-ds str : specifies the datetime string.
-jl num : specifies the jet lag.
-wf : formats the output in W3CDTF.
-rf : formats the output in RFC 1123 format.
-get : uses the GET method.
-head : uses the HEAD method.
-post : uses the POST method.
-put : uses the PUT method.
-delete : uses the DELETE method.
-body file : sends the entity body of the content the file.
-ah name value : adds an HTTP header.
-qs name value : adds a key/value pair to the query string.
-tout num : specifies the timeout in seconds.
-ph : prints response headers.
-ec num : reports error if the response code is not the same as the expected.
-host str : specifies the host name of the server.
-port num : specifies the port number of the server.
-ienc str : specifies the encoding of the input data.
-oenc str : specifies the encoding of the output data.
-ts num : specifies the maximum time stamp of already read logs. "now" means the current time stamp.
-uw : waits for update forever.
-uf : prints status of each update log file.
-v : show the version number of Kyoto Tycoon.
-i : show options to include the headers of Tokyo Tycoon.
-l : show options to link the library of Tokyo Tycoon.
-p : show the directory path of the commands.

This command returns 0 on success, another on failure.


ktutiltest(1), ktutilserv(1)

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Man Page KTUTILMGR (1) 2012-05-25

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