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Manual Reference Pages  -  MAIM (1)


maim - Takes screenshots



maim [options] [file]


maim (MAke IMage) is a utility that takes screenshots of your desktop using imlib2. It's meant to overcome shortcomings of scrot and performs better than scrot in several ways.


--help Print help and exit
-V, --version
  Print version and exit


  Sets the x display.
  Sets output format (png, jpg, etc) (default=‘auto')
-s, --select
  Enables user region selection. Requires slop to be installed. (default=off)
-x, --x=INT
  Sets the x coordinate for taking an image
-y, --y=INT
  Sets the y coordinate for taking an image
-w, --w=INT
  Sets the width for taking an image
-h, --h=INT
  Sets the height for taking an image
-g, --geometry=WxH+X+Y
  Set the region to capture
-d, --delay=FLOAT
  Set the amount of time to wait before taking an image. (default=‘0.0')
-i, --windowid=INT
  Set the window to capture. Defaults to the root window id.
  Localizes given geometry to the given window. So maim -i $ID -g 100x100+0+0 --localize would screenshot the top-left 100x100 pixels of the given window, rather than the top-left 100x100 pixels of the root window. (default=off)
  Causes the system cursor to be blended on top of the screenshot. (default=off)
-m, --mask=STRING
  Masks off-screen pixels so they don't show up in screenshots. (possible values="auto", "off", "on" default=‘auto')


  Disables the ability to cancel selections with the keyboard. (default=off)
-b, --bordersize=INT
  Set the selection rectangle's thickness. Does nothing when --highlight is enabled. (default=‘5')
-p, --padding=INT
  Set the padding size of the selection. Can be negative. (default=‘0')
-t, --tolerance=INT
  How far in pixels the mouse can move after clicking and still be detected as a normal click instead of a click and drag. Setting this to 0 will disable window selections. (default=‘2')
  Set the amount of time before slop will check for keyboard cancellations in seconds. (default=‘0.4')
  Set the selection rectangle's color. Supports RGB or RGBA values. (default=‘0.5,0.5,0.5,1')
-n, --nodecorations
  Attempt to select child windows in order to avoid window decorations. (default=off)
  Set the minimum output of width or height values. This is useful to avoid outputting 0. Setting min and max to the same value disables drag selections. (default=‘0')
  Set the maximum output of width or height values. Setting min and max to the same value disables drag selections. (default=‘0')
-l, --highlight
  Instead of outlining selections, slop highlights it. This is only useful when --color is set to a transparent color. (default=off)
  Enable hardware acceleration. Only works with modern systems that are also running a compositor. (default=off)
  Display a magnifying glass when --opengl is also enabled. (default=off)
  Sets how many times the magnification window size is multiplied. (default=‘4')
  Sets how many pixels are displayed in the magnification. The less pixels the bigger the magnification. (default=‘64')
  Sets the theme of the selection, using textures from ~/.config/slop/ or /usr/share/. (default=‘none')
  Sets the shader to load and use from ~/.config/slop/ or /usr/share/. (default=‘simple')


Screenshot the active window

$ maim -i $(xdotool getactivewindow)

Prompt a transparent red selection to screenshot.

$ maim -s -c 1,0,0,0.6

Save a dated screenshot.

$ maim ~/$(date +%F-%T).png

Output screenshot to stdout

$ maim --format png /dev/stdout


Copyright (C) 2014 Dalton Nell <>, Maim Contributors <>.
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MAIM (1) July 2015

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