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Manual Reference Pages  -  MAKE-READMES (1)

.ds Aq ’


make-readmes -- generate README.html files from cached data



<B>make-readmesB> [<B>-hvqwB>] [<B>-cB> dir] [<B>-tB> directory] [<B>-dB> directory]


<B>make-readmesB> processes the cached port description data into README.html files, populating a directory structure paralleling the ports directory tree. The cache contains a record of the one-line description of all ports generated by make describe, indexed by the port origin directory. It also contains a record of which Makefiles are included by the port’s Makefile, but that information is not used by <B>make-readmesB>.

<B>make-readmesB> follows the SUBDIR variable settings from the top level /usr/ports/Makefile via the per-category makefiles to individual ports, creating the corresponding directory heirarchy as it goes, and editing data read from the cache into the README.html template files it outputs.

    Configuration Files

<B>make-readmesB> shares configuration files with <B>portindexB>, <B>cache-initB>, <B>cache-updateB> and <B>find-updatedB>. Any configuration settings are taken from the following locations, where the later items on this list override the earlier:
o Built-in settings from the <B>FreeBSD::Portindex::ConfigB> perl module.
o The system wide configuration file /usr/local/etc/portindex.cfg
o The per-user configuration file ${HOME}/.portindexrc (ignored if the program is being run by the superuser)
o The local configuration file, found in the current working directory of the <B>cache-initB> process ./.portindexrc (ignored if the program is being run by the superuser)
o The program command line.
All of the configuration files are optional. A summary of the resultant configuration options including the effect of any command line settings is printed as part of the help text when <B>portindexB> is invoked with the -h option.


<B>--helpB> Print a brief usage message and a summary of the configuration settings after command line processing and then exit.
<B>--verboseB> Turn on verbose output printed to STDERR. This is the default.
<B>--warningsB> Turn on warning messages about duplicate ports and ports unreferenced from their catergory Makefile. Default: off.
<B>-nowarningsB> Turn off warning messages. This is the default.
<B>--noverboseB> Turn off verbose output to STDERR. Using both the <B>-vB> amd <B>-qB> options together does not make any sense, but neither does it generate an error. The last mentioned of the two options will prevail.
<B>-cB> dir
<B>--cache-dirB>=dir The location of the <B>portindexB> data cache, by default /var/db/portindex.
<B>-CB> file
<B>--cache-fileB>=file Berkeley DB Btree file containing the cached and post-processed values of a number of make variables for all of the ports in the tree. This file name will be relative to the cache directory (<B>-cB> option above) unless an absolute path is given. Defaults to portindex-cache.db.
<B>-tB> directory
<B>--template-dirB>=directory Directory containing the templates for the README.html files for the top of the tree, for each category and for each different port. Default: $PORTSDIR/Templates
<B>-dB> directory
<B>--output-directoryB>=directory Top-level directory beneath which to create a copy of the ports directory tree containing the generated README.html files. Will create the top-level directory so long as the directory above that already exists. Any pre-existing README.html files will be overwritten. Default: ./ports in the current working directory.


/usr/ports The default ports directory.
/var/db/portindex The location of the data cache.
portindex-cache.db Btree file containing cached make describe output.
__db.001, __db.002, __db.003 Files used as part of the internal workings of BerkeleyDB, for memory pool management and DB locking. Will be recreated automatically if deleted.
portindex-timestamp This file contains the last time and date that the cache was updated or modified.
/usr/local/etc/portindex.cfg System-wide configuration file.
${HOME}/.portindexrc Per-user configuration file
./.portindexrc Local configuration file


portindex, cache-init(1), cache-update(1), find-updated(1), cvsup(1), ports(7)


Unless the --crunch-whitespace option is given, <B>make-readmesB> extracts the COMMENT lines from the make describe output exactly as shown. make readmes collapses multiple spaces to single.
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