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Manual Reference Pages  -  MSCORE (1)


mscore - MuseScore sheet music editor.

MuseScore is a free and open source WYSIWYG typesetting program for musical scores, released under the GNU General Public Licence.




mscore [options] [filename(s)]

MuseScore or musescore is set as an alias for mscore on some systems.


This manual page documents command line useage of mscore. See also:


For help with the full MuseScore program see the Online Handbook:



A summary of options is included below. Running mscore without options launches the full MuseScore program and opens any specified file(s).

-v Displays MuseScore’s current version and revision number in the command line without starting the graphical interface.
-d Starts MuseScore in debug mode.
-L Starts MuseScore in layout debug mode.
-s Disables the integrated software synthesizer.
-m Disables MIDI input.
-a <driver>
  Use audio driver: jack, alsa, pulse, portaudio.
-n Starts with the new score wizard regardless of preference setting for start mode.
-I Displays all MIDI input on the console.
-O Displays all MIDI output on the console.
-o <filename>
  Exports the currently opened file to the specified <filename>. The file type depends on the filename extension. This option switches to the "converter" mode and avoids any graphical interface. You can also add a filename before the -o if you want to import and export files from the command line. For example mscore "My Score.mscz" -o "My Score.pdf".
-r <dpi> Determines the output resolution for the output to "*.png" files in the converter mode. The default resolution is 300 dpi.
-T <margin>
  Trims exported PNG and SVG images to remove surrounding whitespace around the score. The specified number of pixels of whitespace will be added as a margin; use 0 for a tightly cropped image. For SVG, this option works only with single-page scores.
-x <factor>
  Scales the score display and other GUI elements by the specified factor, for use with high resolution displays.
-S <style>
  Loads a style file; useful when you convert with the -o option.
-p <name>
  Execute the named plugin.
-F Use only the standard built-in presets or "factory-settings" and delete preferences.
-R Use only the standard built-in presets or "factory-settings", but do not delete preferences.
-i Load icons from the file system. Useful if you want to edit the MuseScore icons and preview the changes.
-e Enable experimental features.
-c <pathname>
  Set config path.
-t Enable Test Mode.
-M <file>
  Specify MIDI import operations file.
-w No web view in Start Center.


MuseScore was written by Werner Schweer and others. If you find any bugs in the latest version please report them via the Issue Tracker:


This manual page is maintained by the MuseScore development team. Please report mistakes via the Issue Tracker.

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