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Manual Reference Pages  -  NEWSSTAR (1)

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newsstar - NNTP news fetcher



newsstar [-A NUM] [-a] [-b] [-f] [-m] [-o SERVER] [--overview=PATH] [-q] [-r] [-s] [-sn | -snews] [--snstore=PATH] [-v] [-vv] [-w] [--preprocess] [--postprocess]


Newsstar(TM) fetches news from a number of remote NNTP servers and posts it to a local server (INN, s-news or sn), and also posts outgoing articles from the local server to the remote ones. It uses a configurable number of multiple processes or "threads" to maximise bandwidth utilisation. The threads are coordinated to avoid downloading multiple copies of the same article.

This man page is just a summary. For more information see the README file and/or HTML documentation provided with the package.


A summary of options is included below.

-A [NUM]

Scan the local servers active or .newsgroups file and ensure that newsstars newsrc files contain the same groups. If the optional NUM parameter is specified, this is the number of the last article fetched to be inserted for any newly created groups. Usually it only makes sense to use a negative number to indicate the maximum number of articles to download when the group is new.


In conjunction with -A this causes the newsrc files to be sorted by newsgroup order.


Minimise the number of messages sent to STDOUT (brief).


Use full-screen mode with the curses library.


Articles that cant be posted are mailed back to the sender.


Only the named server is processed, all other newsrc files are ignored.

--overview PATH

s-news overview binary is at PATH.


The running display of articles transferred etc is disabled if not in full-screen mode.


If newsstar is maintaining its own history database, this option makes it reorganize the database to free up unused space whenever items are expired.


Standard messages (on STDOUT) are separated from debugging messages on STDERR ie newsstar assumes each stream is sent to a separate file or device.


Use sn as server instead of INN.


Use s-news as server instead of INN.


sns snstore binary is at PATH.


Prints extra information useful for debugging on STDERR.


Prints even more information on STDERR.


Specify a wrapper program to run the binary in, for example a debugger. Note the lack of a space between -w and WRAPPER.

--preprocess --postprocess

For debugging, these instruct the perl script just to perform its functions prior to or after running the binary respectively, without actually running the binary.



Directory where static configuration files are stored.


Main configuration file.


Configuration file for full-screen options.


Perl regexps of newsgroups to ignore, common to every remote server.


Configuration file for each remote server.


Perl regexps of newsgroups to ignore, specific to each remote server.


Directory where data updated by newsstar is stored.


List of newsgroups, with last article downloaded, for each remote server. The presence of these files also controls which servers newsstar connects to.


GDBM history database.


Where downloaded articles are temporarily held.

/var/spool/news/ /var/spool/sn/

The usual, and therefore default for newsstar, spool directories used by INN and sn respectively.


The program is documented fully by the HTML files starting at /usr/local/share/doc/newsstar/index.html. You should also read the README file in the same directory first.


Tony Houghton



Copyright © 2003 Tony Houghton
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