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PCSC_SCAN(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual PCSC_SCAN(1)

pcsc_scan - regularly scans every PC/SC readers connected to the host

pcsc_scan [options]

This manual page documents the pcsc_scan command.
pcsc_scan is a program that regularly scans every PC/SC readers connected to the host and display the status of the cards inserted in the readers.
The normal way to exit the program is to use Control-C.
When pcsc_scan is started it asks PC/SC layer the list of available smart card readers. The list is printed. A sequence number is printed before each reader.
PC/SC device scanner
V 1.4.27 (c) 2001-2017, Ludovic Rousseau
Scanning present readers...
0: Gemalto PC Twin Reader
When a card is inserted in any reader some information is printed:
date and time:
Wed Apr 12 14:25:30 2017
reader name:
Reader 0: Gemalto PC Twin Reader
card state and occurred event:
Card state: Card inserted,
ATR in case of card insertion:
ATR: 3B 82 00 86 1E
print an ATR analysis if the ATR_analysis command is available:

ATR: 3B 82 00 86 1E
+ TS = 3B --> Direct Convention
+ T0 = 82, Y(1): 1000, K: 2 (historical bytes)
TD(1) = 00 --> Y(i+1) = 0000, Protocol T = 0
+ Historical bytes: 86 1E

print help
print version number
do not print ATR analysis. Use this option if ATR_analysis is not available for example.
prints the list of readers and then exits.
stress mode. Sends APDU commands to the card indefinitely (until the card or the reader is removed).
quiet: prints minimal messages.
verbose: prints additionnal messages (default).

pcscd(8), ATR_analysis(1)

Ludovic Rousseau <>
April 10, 2018

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