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Manual Reference Pages  -  PORTDEPENDS (1)

.ds Aq ’


portdepends -- list the dependency tree for a port



<B>portdependsB> [<B>-hB>] [<B>-sB> style] [<B>-cB> dir] [<B>-CB> file] [<B>-oB> file] dir...


<B>portdependsB> displays the dependency tree for each port origin listed on the command line. Dependency relationships are read from the <B>portindexB> cache file. By default dependencies are displayed textually, in a recursive fashion without flattening any of the lists as is done in generating an INDEX file: this leads to a great deal of repetition and much longer output than might be expected for some ports. To suppress the repetition of dependency subtrees, use the <B>--style=shortB> or <B>-s sB> command line option. This visits each node in the dependency tree at most once. For graphical output use the <B>--style=graphB> or <B>-s gB> option. This generates canonical GraphViz format, which can be read into <B>dotB> to render the graph as an image.

Output is tagged with a label showing which of the six possible dependency types exist between each port and its immediate superior. In addition edges in the graphical output are colour coded:
For example: <B>GraphVizB> format output can be rendered as a PNG image like this:

portdepends -s g ports-mgmt/p5-FreeBSD-Portindex | dot -Tpng -o FP.png

Dependency levels in textual output are indicated by indenting the dependent port name inseting a string - for each level.

    Configuration Files

<B>portdependsB> shares configuration files with <B>portindexB>, <B>cache-initB>, <B>cache-updateB> and <B>find-updatedB>. Any configuration settings are taken from the following locations, where the later items on this list override the earlier:
o Built-in settings from the <B>FreeBSD::Portindex::ConfigB> perl module.
o The system wide configuration file /usr/local/etc/portindex.cfg
o The per-user configuration file ${HOME}/.portindexrc (ignored if the program is being run by the superuser)
o The local configuration file, found in the current working directory of the <B>portdependsB> process ./.portindexrc (ignored if the program is being run by the superuser)
o The program command line.
All of the configuration files are optional. A summary of the resultant configuration options including the effect of any command line settings is printed as part of the help text when <B>portindexB> is invoked with the -h option.


<B>--helpB> Print a brief usage message and a summary of the configuration settings after command line processing and then exit.
<B>-sB> { short | s | graph | g | default }
<B>--styleB> { short | ... } Choose the output style.
<B>shortB> or <B>sB> Visit each dependency node only once. Avoids repetetive printing of various dependency sub-trees, and can reduce the amount of output a great deal for complicated dependency trees.
<B>graphB> or <B>gB> Generate canonical GraphViz format suitable for rendering into an image by <B>dotB>
<B>defaultB> or any other text Print out the full dependency tree, recursing into each sub-branch as many times as there are dependency links to that branch. This is the default.
<B>-cB> dir
<B>--cache-dirB>=dir The location of the <B>portindexB> data cache, by default /var/db/portindex.
<B>-CB> file
<B>--cache-fileB>=file Berkeley DB Btree file containing the cached and post-processed values of a number of make variables for all of the ports in the tree. This file name will be relative to the cache directory (<B>-cB> option above) unless an absolute path is given. Defaults to portindex-cache.db.
<B>-oB> file
<B>--outputB>=file Filename to write the generated dependency information to. Setting this to - means output to STDOUT, which is the default.


/usr/ports The default ports directory.
/var/db/portindex The location of the data cache.
portindex-cache.db Btree file containing cached make describe output.
__db.001, __db.002, __db.003 Files used as part of the internal workings of BerkeleyDB, for memory pool management and DB locking. Will be recreated automatically if deleted.
portindex-timestamp This file contains the last time and date that the cache was updated or modified.
/usr/local/etc/portindex.cfg System-wide configuration file.
${HOME}/.portindexrc Per-user configuration file
./.portindexrc Local configuration file


poertindex(7), cache-init(1), cache-update(1), find-updated(1), cvsup(1), ports(7), graphviz(7), dot(1)


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