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PORTSCLEAN(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual PORTSCLEAN(1)

a tool to clean ports/packages garbage

portsclean [

portsclean is a tool to help users clean out the working directories of their ports tree, no longer referenced distfiles, outdated package files, and obsolete or orphaned shared libraries that were possibly left by pkg_deinstall(1) 's -P option.

The following command line arguments are supported:
Show help and exit.
Clean out all the working directories of the ports tree. (cf. WRKDIRPREFIX)
Clean out all the distfiles that are not referenced by any port in the ports tree. Specified twice (i.e. -DD), clean out all the distfiles that are not referenced by any port that is currently installed. (cf. DISTDIR)
Turn on interactive mode. The user is asked for approval before each suggested file/directory is removed.
Clean out old, duplicate and/or orphaned shared libraries.
portsclean first deletes duplicate shared libraries where appropriate, then puts away old and orphaned shared libaries to /usr/local/lib/compat/pkg updating symlinks properly. To keep binaries working, ldconfig(8) is run after each library deletion or move.
portsclean is so wise you can safely run it without turning -i on. However, if you want to do further cleanup, specify the flag to be asked on possibly unneeded libraries too.
You can use the sysutils/libchk port to check which library is linked with which binaries.
Do not actually delete any files.
Clean up outdated package tarballs and dead symlinks in the packages directory. (cf. PACKAGES) Specified twice (i.e. -PP), delete all the package tarballs in the directory.
Do not write anything to stdout. Specified twice (i.e. -QQ), do not write anything to stderr either. This is for internal use.
Do not read the configuration file - $PREFIX/etc/pkgtools.conf.

portsclean detects these variables defined in the configuration file $PREFIX/etc/pkgtools.conf, /etc/make.conf or environment variables to clean files properly. See portupgrade(1) for details of these variables.
Configuration file for the pkgtools suite. Default is “$PREFIX/etc/pkgtools.conf”.

Default location of the pkgtools configuration file.

libchk(1), pkg_deinstall(1), pkgdb(1), pkgtools.conf(5), ports(7)

Akinori MUSHA ⟨⟩
June 13, 2006 FreeBSD

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