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Manual Reference Pages  -  RWFILEINFO (1)

.ds Aq ’


rwfileinfo - Print information about a SiLK file



  rwfileinfo [--fields=FIELDS] [--summary] [--no-titles]
        FILE [ FILE ... ]

  rwfileinfo --help

  rwfileinfo --version


rwfileinfo prints information about a SiLK file. The information that may be printed is:
1. format. The output file format, a string and its hexadecimal equivalent: FT_RWSPLIT(0x12), FT_RWFILTER(0x13), etc
2. version. The version of the file, an integer. As of SiLK 1.0, the version of the file is distinct from the version of the records in the file.
3. byte-order. The byte-order (endian-ness) of the file, a string
4. compression. The compression library used to compress the data-section of the file, a string and its decimal equivalent (none(0), lzo1x(2). Does not include any external compression, such as if the entire file has been compressed with gzip(1).
5. header-length. The length of the header in bytes
6. record-length. The length of a single record in bytes. This will be 1 if the records do not have a fixed size.
7. count-records. The number of records in the file. If the record-size is 1, this value is the uncompressed size of the data section of the file.
8. file-size. The size of the file as it is on disk
9. command-lines. The command(s) used to generate this file, for tools that support writing that information to the header and for formats that store that information.
10. record-version. The version of the records contained in the file
11. silk-version. The release of SiLK that wrote this file, e.g., 1.0.0. This value is 0 for files written by releases of SiLK prior to 1.0.
12. packed-file-info. The timestamp, flowtype, and sensor for a file in the SiLK data repository.
13. probe-name. The probe information for files created by flowcap(8)
14. annotations. The notes (annotations) that have been added to the file with the --note-add and --note-file-add switches
15. prefix-map. The mapname value for a prefix map file. The v1: that precedes the mapname denotes the version of the prefix-map header entry, and it is printed for completeness.
16. ipset. The number and size of the nodes and leaves in an IPset file.
17. bag. The type and size of the key and counter in a Bag file.


Option names may be abbreviated if the abbreviation is unique or is an exact match for an option. A parameter to an option may be specified as --arg=param or --arg param, though the first form is required for options that take optional parameters.
--fields=FIELDS Determines which information about the file is printed. FIELDS is a list of integers representing fields to print. The FIELDS may be a comma separated list of integers; a range may be specified by separating the start and end of the range with a hyphen (-). The available fields are listed above. Fields are always printed in the order given above. If the --fields option is not given, all fields are printed.
--summary Prints a summary that lists the number of files processed, the sizes of those files, and the number of records contained in those files.
--no-titles Suppresses printing of the file name and field names; only the values are printed, left justified and one per line.
--site-config-file=FILENAME Read the SiLK site configuration from the named file FILENAME. When this switch is not provided, rwfileinfo searches for the site configuration file in the locations specified in the FILES section.
--help Print the available options and exit.
--version Print the version number and information about how SiLK was configured, then exit the application.


In the following examples, the dollar sign ($) represents the shell prompt. The text after the dollar sign represents the command line.

Get information about the file

 $ rwfileinfo
   format(id)          FT_RWGENERIC(0x16)
   version             16
   byte-order          littleEndian
   compression(id)     none(0)
   header-length       208
   record-length       52
   record-version      5
   silk-version        1.0.1
   count-records       7
   file-size           572
                    1  rwfilter --proto=6 ...
                    1  This is some interesting TCP data

Return a single value which is the number of records in the file

 $ rwfileinfo --no-titles --field=count-records


SILK_CONFIG_FILE This environment variable is used as the value for the --site-config-file when that switch is not provided.
SILK_DATA_ROOTDIR This environment variable specifies the root directory of data repository. As described in the FILES section, rwfileinfo may use this environment variable when searching for the SiLK site configuration file.
SILK_PATH This environment variable gives the root of the install tree. When searching for configuration files, rwfileinfo may use this environment variable. See the FILES section for details.


/usr/local/share/silk.conf Possible locations for the SiLK site configuration file which are checked when the --site-config-file switch is not provided.


rwfilter(1), flowcap(8), silk(7), gzip(1)
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SiLK RWFILEINFO (1) 2016-04-05

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