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Manual Reference Pages  -  SILK_CONFIG (1)

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silk_config - Print SiLK compiling and linking information



  silk_config [--silk-version] [--compiler] [--cflags] [--include]
         [--libs] [--libsilk-libs] [--libsilk-thrd-libs]
         [--libflowsource-libs] [--data-rootdir] [--python-site-dir]

  silk_config --help

  silk_config --version


silk_config prints configuration information used to compile and link other files and programs against the SiLK header files and libraries. silk_config will print the output value(s) selected by the user, or all configuration information if no switches are provided.

This command has nothing to do with the SiLK Configuration file. See the silk.conf(5) manual page for information on that file.


Option names may be abbreviated if the abbreviation is unique or is an exact match for an option.
--silk-version Print the version of SiLK as a simple string. This output from this switch is only the version number; the output does not include the additional configuration information that the --version switch normally prints.
--compiler Print the compiler used to build SiLK.
--cflags Print the include paths (that is, the -I switches) and any additional compiler flags to use when compiling a file against the SiLK header files. To only print the include paths, use --include.
--include Print the include paths to use when compiling a file against the SiLK header files. See also --cflags.
--libs This switch is an alias for --libsilk-libs.
--libsilk-libs Print the linker flags (that is, the -L and -l switches) to use when linking a program against
--libsilk-thrd-libs Print the linker flags to use when linking a program against Few external programs will need to use this library.
--libflowsource-libs Print the linker flags to use when linking a program against It is highly unlikely that an external program will need to use this library.
--data-rootdir Print the compiled-in value of the default location of the SiLK data repository, ignoring any environment variable settings.
--python-site-dir Print the name of the directory containing the silk subdirectory where the PySiLK module files were installed. The user may need to set the PYTHONPATH environment variable to this location to be able to use PySiLK. The value will be empty if PySiLK support is not available in this build of SiLK.
--help Print the available options and exit.
--version Print the version number and information about how SiLK was configured, then exit the application.


silk.conf(5), silk(7)
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SiLK SILK_CONFIG (1) 2016-04-05

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