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Manual Reference Pages  -  SYMPA (1)

.ds Aq ’


sympa, - Command line utility to manage Sympa


SYNOPSIS [ -d, --debug ] [ -f, --file=another.sympa.conf ]
[ -l, --lang=lang ] [ -m, --mail ]
[ -h, --help ] [ -v, --version ]

[ --import=listname ]
[ --close_list=list[@robot] ]
[ --purge_list=list[@robot] ]
[ --lowercase ] [ --make_alias_file ]
[ --dump=listname | ALL ]


NOTE: On overview of Sympa documentation see sympa_toc(1). is invoked from command line then performs various administration tasks.

OPTIONS may run with following options in general.
-d, --debug Enable debug mode.
-f, --config=file Force Sympa to use an alternative configuration file instead of /usr/local/etc/sympa/sympa.conf.
-l, --lang=lang Set this option to use a language for Sympa. The corresponding gettext catalog file must be located in /usr/local/share/locale directory.
--log_level=level Sets Sympa log level.
With the following options will run in batch mode:
--add_list=family_name --robot=robot_name --input_file=/path/to/file.xml Add the list described by the file.xml under robot_name, to the family family_name.
--change_user_email --current_email=xx --new_email=xx Changes a user email address in all Sympa databases (subscriber_table, list config, etc) for all virtual robots.
--close_family=family_name --robot=robot_name Close lists of family_name family under robot_name.
--close_list=list[@robot] Close the list (changing its status to closed), remove aliases and remove subscribers from DB (a dump is created in the list directory to allow restoring the list)
--conf_2_db Load sympa.conf and each robot.conf into database.
--create_list --robot=robot_name --input_file=/path/to/file.xml Create a list with the XML file under robot robot_name.
--dump=list@dom|ALL Dumps subscribers of for ‘listname’ list or all lists. Subscribers are dumped in subscribers.db.dump.
--health_check Check if sympa.conf, robot.conf of virtual robots and database structure are correct. If any errors occur, exits with non-zero status.
--import=list@dom Import subscribers in the list. Data are read from standard input. The imported data should contain one entry per line : the first field is an email address, the second (optional) field is the free form name. Fields are spaces-separated.


    ## Data to be imported
    ## email        gecos           John - accountant     Mary - secretary

--instantiate_family=family_name --robot=robot_name --input_file=/path/to/file.xml [--close_unknown] [--quiet] Instantiate family_name lists described in the file.xml under robot_name. The family directory must exist; automatically close undefined lists in a new instantiation if --close_unknown is specified; do not print report if --quiet is specified.
--lowercase Lowercases email addresses in database.
--make_alias_file [ --robot robot ] Create an aliases file in /tmp/ with all list aliases. It uses the list_aliases.tt2 template (useful when list_aliases.tt2 was changed).
--md5_encode_password Rewrite password in user_table of database using MD5 fingerprint. YOU CAN’T UNDO unless you save this table first.

Note that this option was obsoleted. Use upgrade_sympa_password(1).

--modify_list=family_name --robot=robot_name --input_file=/path/to/file.xml Modify the existing list installed under the robot robot_name and that belongs to the family family_name. The new description is in the file.xml.
--purge_list=list[@robot] Remove the list (remove archive, configuration files, users and owners in admin table. Restore is not possible after this operation.
--reload_list_config [--list=mylist@mydom] [--robot=mydom] Recreates all config.bin files or cache in list_table. You should run this command if you edit authorization scenarios. The list and robot parameters are optional.
--rename_list=listname@robot --new_listname=newlistname --new_listrobot=newrobot Renames a list or move it to another virtual robot.
--send_digest [--keep_digest] Send digest right now. If --keep_digest is specified, stocked digest will not be removed.
--sync_include=listname@robot Trigger the list members update.
--sync_list_db [ --list=listname@robot ] Syncs filesystem list configs to the database cache of list configs, optionally syncs an individual list if specified.
--test_database_message_buffer Note: This option was deprecated.

Test the database message buffer size.

--upgrade [--from=X] [--to=Y] Runs Sympa maintenance script to upgrade from version X to version Y.
--upgrade_shared [--list=X] [--robot=Y]> Rename files in shared.
With following options will print some information and exit.
-h, --help Print this help message.
--md5_digest=password Output a MD5 digest of a password (useful for SOAP client trusted application).
-v, --version Print the version number.


/usr/local/etc/sympa/sympa.conf main configuration file.




This program was originally written by:
Serge Aumont Comite\k:'Re\k:'des Universite\k:'\h |\n:us
Olivier Salauen Comite\k:'Re\k:'des Universite\k:'\h |\n:us
As of Sympa 6.2b.4, it was split into three programs: command line utility, daemon and daemon.
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6.2.14 SYMPA (1) 2016-04-14

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