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Manual Reference Pages  -  XFBURN (1)

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xfburn - An easy to use burning application



xfburn --burn-image [IMAGE]
xfburn [options] --data-composition | --audio-composition [[FILE]...]
xfburn --blank
xfburn --transcoder list | basic | gst


xfburn is an easy to use burning application based on the libburnia libraries. So far it features burning to CD, and DVD, as well as blanking rewritable discs. Data and audio compositions can get created from scratch. Images in .iso format can be burned, or created.


xfburn can be called with --burn-image to immediately show the burn image dialog. Optionally the image file can be preselected by appending it to the command line.

When the --data-composition or the --audio-composition options is specified, then xfburns main window will open up with the selected composition type instead of the welcome tab. The filename(s) of the contents of the composition may follow the composition option.


-?, --help

Print brief help and exit.

-V, --version

Print version information and exit.

-i, --burn-image [IMAGE]

Open the burn image dialog. Optionally the image is given as IMAGE.

-b, --blank

Open the blank disc dialog.

-d, --data-composition [FILE(S)]

Opens xfburn with a new data composition. Optionally FILE(S) to be added to the composition follow.

-a, --audio-composition [MUSIC FILE(S)]

Opens xfburn with a new audio composition. Optionally MUSIC FILE(S) to be added to the composition follow.

-t, --transcoder [TRANSCODER]

Selects the transcoder to use when creating audio compositions. Specify list to see all available options. Currently implemented are the gst and the basic transcoder. gst uses gstreamer, and can allows the use of any gstreamer-supported media file. basic only allows using audio files already in CD format: 48khz uncompressed WAV files.

-m, --main

When the --burn-image or the --blank option is selected, xfburn will quit after the dialog exists, unless the --main option is given. In that case the main xfburn window is shown after the dialog has been closed.


Use the specified X DISPLAY for the user interface.


xfburn was written by David Mohr and Jean-François Wauthy A great helper was Mario Danic

This manual page was written by David Mohr It is based on Benedikt Meurers Thunar man page.

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