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Manual Reference Pages  -  CPANPLUS::INTERNALS::EXTRACT (3)

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CPANPLUS::Internals::Extract - internals for archive extraction



    ### for source files ###
    $self->_gunzip( file => foo.gz, output => blah.txt );

    ### for modules/packages ###
    $dir = $self->_extract( module      => $modobj,
                            extractdir  => /some/where );


CPANPLUS::Internals::Extract extracts compressed files for CPANPLUS. It can do this by either a pure perl solution (preferred) with the use of Archive::Tar and Compress::Zlib, or with binaries, like gzip and tar.

The flow looks like this:

        Delegate to Archive::Extract


CW$dir = _extract( module => CW$modobj, [perl => ’/path/to/perl’, extractdir => ’/path/to/extract/to’, prefer_bin => BOOL, verbose => BOOL, force => BOOL] )

_extract will take a module object and extract it to extractdir if provided, or the default location which is obtained from your config.

The file name is obtained by looking at $modobj->status->fetch and will be parsed to see if it’s a tar or zip archive.

If it’s a zip archive, __unzip will be called, otherwise __untar will be called. In the unlikely event the file is of neither format, an error will be thrown.

_extract takes the following options:
module A CPANPLUS::Module object. This is required.
extractdir The directory to extract the archive to. By default this looks something like:
prefer_bin A flag indicating whether you prefer a pure perl solution, ie Archive::Tar or Archive::Zip respectively, or a binary solution like unzip and tar.
perl The path to the perl executable to use for any perl calls. Also used to determine the build version directory for extraction.
verbose Specifies whether to be verbose or not. Defaults to your corresponding config entry.
force Specifies whether to force the extraction or not. Defaults to your corresponding config entry.
All other options are passed on verbatim to __unzip or __untar.

Returns the directory the file was extracted to on success and false on failure.

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